TPP Call – 12/10/17

1. Constitution Minute- Chris Wright

The federal government is slowly imposing sanctions on the 4th amendment that could result in loss of a basic public protection from unreasonable searches. The supreme court is preparing for a review of the feds actions.

2. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe

The two main current issues before congress are tax reform and the next budget bill resolution. The current tax reform bill is in the conference reconciliation work stage. Time is of the essence, since the congress Christmas vacation is less than two weeks away. The planed reconciliation completion date is 12/20. Two of the primary issues are elimination of the Obamacare mandates and the insurance company bail outs.

There will very likely be a temporary budget proposal to meet the pre Christmas deadline. The democrats are proposing a DACA restart add to the budget bill or they are likely to attempt to force a government shut down.

3. TPP Calls To Action; JBM

Go to the TPP web site for detail. No DACA restart & elimination of the Obamacare mandates.

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