TPP Call – 11/19

1. Constitution Minute: Chris Wright

State Constitutions & the federal Constitution together, provide a thorough explanation of U.S. laws.

2. D.C. Report: Bill Pascoe

The house & senate are on vacation, this week. Last week, the house passed a tax reduction /simplification bill. Importantly, the bill includes a provision to remove the obama care mandates. Congress will probably stall on passage of a new federal funding bill past the December 8 deadline. This will allow passage of a temporary bill with budget spending limit increases.

3. TPP Current Objectives

TPP Teamed with Mr. Art Laffler(former president Reagan appointee), to provide an estimate of the political/ financial impact of the current house tax bill. The TPP web site has detail lists of all of the TPP tax bill related action items. Included are house parties, tax coalition memberships, signing petitions, letters to politicians, & letters to editors.

4. Q & A

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