TPP Call – 10/15

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright

The left’s primary anti Constitution effort is to dispute that our basic rights come from God.

2. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe

The U.S. is developing a new strategy to confront Iran. The first step is to deny certification of the Obama agreement.

President Trump, with substantial help from Senator Rand Paul is preparing to release by executive order, “Association Health Care”. This will circumvent a substantial portion of Obamacare. The President is also considering stopping illegal health care company payouts. A number of states are preparing lawsuits in an attempt to keep the pay outs.

President Trump’s political nomination confirmations are still being seriously delayed.

3. Current TPP Actions; JBM

Tax reform: (Visit TPP web site instructions), “How To” Guides, Talking Points, Social Media, Sign Petitions,Call Congress, House Parties.

Same instructions for Obamacare & McConnell resignation

4. Q & A

McConnell has confirmed only seven court judges, which is less than one per month.

There were additional questions; but at this point, I signed off.

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