TPP Call -10/1/17

1. TPP Update; JBM

The administration has designated 10/02 as “Cut The Red Tape”day. The intent is to accelerate the administration’s political accomplishments. The following govt. agencies will be involved: Agriculture, Education, Labor, Small Business, Treasury, Health & Human Services, & Executive. The president will give a speech. There is a request for Tea party help by social media work, letters to prominent political people and flag/sign waving rallies.

2. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright

The left (Howard Dean & some college students) are saying that hate speech is unconstitutional. But even the ACLU is saying it is not.

3. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe

The house is working on a budget reconciliation bill. Administration appointees continue to be slowly approved. Dr. Price has resigned in response to charges that he has charged as much as one million government dollars for personal travel costs. Southern border wall funding/ building has been started. obama care bill repeal appears to be dead. The new tax organization program will be released this week.

4. TPP live real time poll:

A.- Should the TPP take a stand to remove McConnell? No response provided.
B.- Should the TPP support the president’s tax reform program? 95% voted yes.

5. TPP Update; JBM

166 court nominations are outstanding. Support to expedite. Help to end the filibuster rule. Emails will be sent out this week to request these actions. Also, please consider house parties or rallies to add support. Budweiser, Inc. has started a “hot line” to help dispute the NFL “knee protests”. The telephone number is (1-800-342-5283). I just recently attended a US government “NORAD” meeting. The subject was national disaster response activities.

6. Q & A

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