TPP Call – 8/6/17

1. Constitution Minute: Chris Wright

There are socialist efforts in process to undermine our 14th amendment rights, that is, to make the names of contributors to private organizations public information.

2. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe

This week, the Senate confirmed 104 persons, including Wray as FBI director. AG Sessions announced a crackdown on government information data leaks. Mueller has set up a grand jury with apparently no constraints on material investigated. Most of his investigators are democrat supporters. The president announced his public support for AG Sessions.

3. TPP Current activities; Jennie Beth Martin

Mitch McConnell, et. al. are giving 8 million dollars to help try to defeat Mo Brooks (in the Alabama Senate race to replace Jeff Sessions). There is a call to action on the TPP economic agenda: tax reform (Make America Great Again). Tea Party members are urged to call their congress people and contact local newspapers. Two Qatar and one UAE airlines are working to undercut inter airline fare agreements. This can result in major airline service cut backs. Request that Tea Party members contact the President’s office to make him aware of this. Two ballot requests were presented during the webinar. The first requested volunteers to sign up to make calls on the TPP website items listed. The second asked for volunteers to solicit associates to make calls. The TPP website has a tool kit to provide details on current event solicitations. Saturday, September 23 is the scheduled TPP Rally event on the White House grounds in D.C.

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