My Letter to the PBC BCC on Resolution Regarding Executive Order

Here is what I sent to the Palm Beach County Board of  County Commissioners re: Agenda Item 4A-2 on the 11/3 evening BCC Mtg Agenda.  I encourage you to attend the meeting, call or send an email to the Commissioners.

Dear Mayor and Commissioners:

I don’t recall any of you running for your current positions as Palm Beach County Commissioners on a platform of immigration reform. And for the most part, you refrain from being overtly political while on the dais. So why are you spending County staff resources on producing this resolution? Is the County so flush with cash and do we have so few county issues that this is a priority?

How immigration reform should be accomplished is not a County issue, nor are U.S. Constitutional issues. When AG Bondi joined the Texas vs United States lawsuit on behalf of Florida she stated:

“This lawsuit is not about immigration, rather this lawsuit is about President Obama — yet again — overstepping the power granted to him by our United States Constitution. The President repeatedly said he would not violate the law, then decided to do just that. The powers granted to the President are expressly laid out in the United States Constitution, yet President Obama has decided to ignore those parameters. We need to fix our system of immigration, but willfully turning a blind eye to the inconvenience of law and rule is not the path to a remedy, but a prescription for unwarranted presidential overreach.”

The resolution in Agenda Item 4A-2 would not result in Florida withdrawing from the lawsuit, nor would specious arguments on the economic impact on Palm Beach County or compassionate merits of the President’s Executive Order, have any impact on the Constitutional issue which is the basis for the lawsuit. Just because other municipalities have done so, does not make it right.

I can only assume that since five of you are running for office: two for Congress and three for County positions, that your rationale can only be grand-standing and pandering to a set of constituents.

Please desist. Withdraw or vote NO on item 4A-2, and leave your politicking for outside the Commission Chambers!

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