My thoughts on diplomatic relations with Cuba

My dreams of a free Cuba collapsed on December 17, 2014 when the president of the United States decided to open diplomatic relations with Cuba, my country of birth.

Human rights were not a part of the negotiations. The thousands killed and tortured by the leaders of the Cuban dictatorship since January 1, 1959 when they took over by force, the Castro brothers, were forgotten. Among them were members of my family including my Uncle Ramón, who suffered the most horrendous tortures in the dungeons of these despicable barbarians. In addition, the current opponents to the regime like Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet, the Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White) and organizations in exile were omitted in the conversations.

Once more, this president faithfully followed his policy of appeasement with the enemies of the United States and the world. In this case, he stepped on the ideals for freedom of the Cuban people who have been oppressed for the last 55 years in a land where the government spies and decides the future of its citizens.

With this action, President Barack Obama has killed the dreams of the Cubans who aspired to liberty and happiness.

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Delia Garcia Menocal

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