John Casey – We’re in for 30 years of Global Cooling

Terry Gallagher (Treasurer) and Mel Grossman (President) kicked off the well attended Jupiter meeting with announcements about future chapter meetings and the ongoing Mission: Awakening Rally  in Tequesta – supporting religious freedom. Beverely Hires, recent candidate for CD 18 thanked the audience for support and encouraged everyone to rally together behind the primary winner (Carl Domino) in order to defeat Patrick Murphy. Jerry Marazas spoke about the upcoming PBC Budget Hearings on September 8th and 22nd at 6pm at 301 N Olive and suggested that interested citizens should attend the hearings and support taking $20 million of the $44+ million in tax increases from the PBSO (Sheriff’s) budget and return it to the tax-payer.

Our keynote speaker, John Casey, President, Space and Science Research Corporation, Orlando, Florida.  Author of the book, Cold SunCo-Founder and Chairman, International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center, Orlando, Florida, he has a new book entitled Dark Winter.  In 2007 he had a scientific epiphany while researching climate change models and realized that the sun’s cycles, especially its 206 year cycle, more closely represented the climate change actually observed than do any of the so called ‘global warming’ models. Based on his observations of the correlation between the 206 year cycle and actual climatic changes, he predicts that we have already begun a 30 year period of cooling, with the temperatures bottoming out in around 2030. Our governments are not preparing us for this period where such cooling could have devastating effects on crops and lead to mass starvation and upheaval.

Mr. Casey, and other ‘man-made global warming deniers’ have met with strong opposition from governmental and scientific organizations (as well as political ones) who stand to lose a lot of credibility, funding and policy changes should Casey and his fellow-researchers be proven right. Casey has had complete strangers slander him and make claims against him. Closer to home, he outlined the fallacies in sea-level predictions and climate change predictions used in the Seven50 proposals. He also showed charts highlighting actual measurements (temperature, sea-level) versus predictions made over the last 20+ years, demonstrating that none of the models used by the UN’s IPCC and related groups have had any level of accuracy. He also cited several of the key researchers’ works in sea-level, solar impacts on climate and earthquake analysis to show that the sun and solar sun-spot activity, and not man-made carbon use, are key to the earth’s climate.  Russian climate researchers have come to the same conclusion and have also predicted a period of global cooling.

(Note: As someone who has read a lot about climate change and a man-made climate change skeptic, I personally would have liked to have seen correlations with thousands of years, rather than 400 year charts and short term (30 year) predictions but Mr. Casey was covering a lot of material in his hour-long presentation and it would have been difficult for everyone in the audience to see that level of details in charts.)   All in all – it was an informative talk, generating a lot of questions and discussion afterwards.

A call to action was made by the speaker: use legal means, as do the organizations pushing the ‘global warming fraud’, generating lawsuits against those who have perpetrated such fraud and the governmental entities who have imposed policy changes as a result – knowing full-well that what they are predicting is untrue.

Mr. Casey’s research efforts rely totally on private funding via sales of his books and reports and he encouraged the audience to check out his website and purchase his materials if they’d like more details. There is also a free 4-page summary of the climate assessment report available for download.

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