Dennis Michael Lynch Returns to Abacoa

Returning to Jupiter almost exactly a year from his last appearance, author, videographer, frequent guest on the Blaze and Fox News, and possible presidential candidate Dennis Michael Lynch brought an enthusiastic crowd up to date on his last year’s activities.

After a brief update on the southern border, accompanied by a video clip and a description of his role (as documented on Fox) in the Clive Bundy affair, Dennis joined PBCTP President Mel Grossman and Wellington Chapter Leader Marion Frank on the stage for a Q&A.

The questions ran from the light and fluffy (“What is Megyn Kelly really like”), to the substantive (“How long can unchecked immigration continue before all hell breaks loose?”).

The solution to the immigration crisis he said, is to eliminate the incentives to come here. Employers of illegals should be fined, and “real” deportations should occur. The current administration practice of counting “turnbacks” – people who are captured at the border and immediately returned, as deportations has inflated their record and more in-country deportations should occur to send the right message.

If continued unchecked, he believes the current influx will permanently depress the job opportunities of all Americans. Once legalized, the farm worker will move up to sheet rock installer, the construction laborer to driving the UPS truck. La Raza will demand equal opportunity, and sue to insure that all jobs are open to the newly legalized. If President Obama proceeds with the executive amnesty he has threatened, the chaos that ensues will be his real legacy.

Tentatively suggesting his interest in running for President in 2016, while a picture of his photogenic family posed among the sand dunes was displayed on the screen, Mr. Lynch gave his view of the current crop of candidates. Marco Rubio “will not be re-elected to the Senate”, let alone the Presidency. Chris Christie “is not an effective leader” if he didn’t know about the bridge lane closures, Ted Cruz “will be completely destroyed by the mainstream media who despise him”, Rand Paul has been pandering and opposes voter ID laws, and Ben Carson “does not want the job”, as well as being in favor of full legalization. On the mention of Jeb Bush, his comment was drowned out by the laughter in the room, most of whom oppose our former governor’s views on common core and immigration reform. Regarding the Presidency, unlike Dr. Carson, Dennis does “want the job”.

A good number of candidates were in attendance, including Calvin Turnquest, Alan Schlesinger, Brian Lara and Beverly Hires for CD18, Paul Spain in CD22, Senator Joe Negron for SS32, CC6 candidate Andy Schaller, and Kesnel Theus for Port of Palm Beach. County GOP Chair Anita Mitchell was also in the audience, along with St. Lucie County Chair Bill Patterson.


2 Responses to “Dennis Michael Lynch Returns to Abacoa”
  1. Marty Peters says:

    I have been so upset about what is going on in our government with the politics.
    I have seen that Michael Lynch has at least taken the time to find out what is really going on.
    I will vote for him in a heartbeat if he runs, but he also needs to expose the voter fraud.
    There is no way illegals should be given the right to vote.
    This government uses people, and the citizens to get votes.
    I feel sorry for the illegals, they were told that it was safe to come here, they have lost their lives, and treated like cattle.
    If the Democrats are right, the rest of us are inhuman for wanting deportations.
    We just want the process to be legal, not flood the border, and put all of us in more debt than we are already in.
    The US is seriously in debt.
    If our laws were in effect, the US would gain the prices that would help, by going through the process.
    When the government advertises to let them in, we all lose.
    It would also screen the people who come here and prevent criminals.
    I went through 3 years, and $50,000.00 to get a guy back the legal way.
    I had to let him go after 1 1/2 years of being back.
    This was after him being with us for 17 years.
    When he came back, he did not want to work, he just wanted us to support him, and all his family.
    All the sudden, he was entitled.
    I would love to talk to you, and I would love if you ran.
    It’s time we need to stop this government, and start a new approach to our country.
    Marty Peters

    • CAROL WAGNER says:

      He has to run–tell him we will gather all the $$ from all the candidates that are not Jeb Bush. He has no name identifcation, so he must get started now. The only other people i would vote for would be Scott Walker and Paul–.SENIOR MOMENT. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK TO THE JUPITER TEA PARTY SOON.
      CAN WE GET STARTED????!!!!!!!

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