The Journey from Left to Right….

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The Journey from Left to Right….

When Allen and I go out to parties, galas, and the like, people speak to him about conservative thinking. That is a given. He is deeply patriotic, deeply involved with the history of the country and very knowledgeable.

But….. after they speak with him, the conversation invariably turns to me. And…. it starts like this….”WHEN DID you BECOME conservative….” A girlfriend of mine who I have known since I was a child told me “its written all over your face…. people can tell..” OK, should I change my lipstick? (smile)

I was the quintessential student, loved school, fell in love with the university life — both in Europe and the US. It was intellectually stimulating and exciting. I truly understand when my daughter gives us 4 hours here and there during the school year. She is me — albeit with the “Conservative Chick” tee-shirt.

The University meant that I could be myself. The lover of documentaries, exhibitions and plays. I remember when Allen and I got married, the officer’s wives club had their meeting to welcome me. That was like fitting a round peg (me) into a square hole (them). You see, one faces a big penalty for non-conformance in such groups. I knew how to sew well because my grandmother owned a business which involved making high quality dresses for the top US stores so she taught me. BUT the officer’s wives were into “crafts” so I tried it. Let me tell you that cross stitch is not only boring, it is tedious. very….. One of the other Ph.D. students came from Utah where she told me that her mother was a whiz at embroidery and cross stitch. Her mother sent an 89 percent completed a piece and I finished the trim in front of my peers in the OWC. I still have the piece. It says “Officers’ Wives — the toughest job in the military”. It had all of the flourishes, my friend’s mother is a genious and I was accepted at least for a short while.

At that time — late 80’s to the 90’s the left pretty much solidified their dominance in University thought and hires. They replaced all of the stuffy professors in suits with conservative ways with “cool professors” who sat on the lawns, smoked weed and had many neurotic ticks. But they were creative and exciting. They also did not have preconceived notions about women, minorities, gays and so forth. Believe me, I was told by one “conservative” professor that “women can not write nor do arithmetic — much less BLACK women.” He was able to grade any paper I wrote, no matter how long, in a matter of 3 – 5 minutes. He gave me a “B” and wrote a note that he was being “generous”. Another, was the chair of one of the large departments, he was known to hire only attractive girls with his department budget, I felt “happy” that I was one of the chosen. Then, I came down with the flu, showed up to work looking pretty run down for a week and he jokingly said —- “If you don’t get your act together and stop dragging in here, I going to replace you.” And so on and so forth ….The “Stinkin’ Thinkin'” crew had to GO.

So the campus left ushered in a younger crew. They were interesting, Bush, the older seemed so OLD next to Mr. Cool, the governor of Arkansas — Bill Clinton. He came out of nowhere, suave and “different”. So unlike the Republicans who seemed to line up the “same old, same old” from the same families with the same message — “money and taxes”. Campus politics made them seem mean-spirited. It did not help much that the “Young Republicans” table was staffed by really clean, I mean really clean people with expensive clothes. And they were ALL white. All “main-line” frats/sorority members (or they seemed to be) and they were NOT in any way shape or form approaching anyone NOT in their “tribe”. When I became a professor after earning my Ph.D. for some reason I became a favorite professor for many of them on the right side. Aside from the outward appearance, many of them were quite intelligent, interesting and confused as to why the tide had changed. One interesting little trait that they had in common was that many of them were VERY close to their families. Their parents and relatives would reserve the local hotels far in advance to be with their beloved progeny for games, galas, open houses, presentations etc…

The left side got everyone else. Sure there were some in the middle but no-one noticed them. The message, YOU MUST choose a side…. The Democrat Club sold those sweaters from South America, used blue jeans, hemp junk, and perfume oils. The Black Frats and sororities sometimes did a step show, the Hispanic frats/sororities had a leaflet that always had a heading such as “puertorriqueño” or “boricua”. Many colors, shapes and sizes. Everyone “fit in” and the air of excitement and rakishness abounded. The editor of Essence magazine spoke in the same auditorium that Phyllis Schlafly spoke in a few weeks before, one session was crowded and the other session half empty and resounding with audible boos. I don’t have to tell you which was which. I remember that Phelps groups showed up to protest with their vile posters, everyone quietly associated that group with Republicans — even when they were denounced by the Republicans. The message here —- Republicans represent the past, Democrats represent the future.

The revolution started over 25 years ago. It did not start with Obama.

Then something changed. The universities became packed with one side of thinking. Only this time, it was on the left. Grades suffer if you don’t check for the political leanings and proclivities of the professor and tailor your thoughts and presentations accordingly. My brother joked that he took a Women’s Studies class — he is very handsome and he found out that the professor (He called her “Professor Beard” — a play on her name because she had some whiskers) warned the girls that he might try to “flirt” with them. Since she did not swing in the male direction, her warning had an unintended consequence — they were attracted to him like a moth to a flame. He received a “C” in this class. Every quiz was a 95 – 100, the final essay earned a 35%. Shazam!, one decade difference, the same trick but different sides.

Contradictions immediately became clear. Free thinking was no longer important, you became “intolerant” when you go against the liberal agenda. And the consequences were far more punishing. These are rules to the “liberal game” — when Bill Clinton bangs a girl who was the same age that my daughter is now —- he is “cool” and she was blessed with his “statesmanship”. However, an in-artful statement about women from a Republican male constitutes “the War on Women”. The examples can go on. This is the new “Stinkin’ Thinkin”.

So, as one becomes enlightened, one will develop and evolve.
I realized that my values, beliefs and sentiments as well as my economic knowledge does not lie on the side of the Democrats. It was cool at one time because the image was cool — I existed on scholarships and financial aid. I had “nuttin to lose”. We now have to get down to “brass tacks”. This liberal thinking has evolved also — into a living breathing totalitarian monster. One in which the Constitution is under attack from our “Constitutional Lawyer in Chief”. You see you must know what is “in it” before you can “destroy it.” — He and his minions know the Constitution…. And you can only do that covertly through mandates, the IRS, “fairness” and “safety” and emotion. You have to get older women who are representatives ready to throw YOUR kids into a war in order to proclaim loyalty and solidarity to their “dear leader”. You gotta keep parents infantile with guilt trying to change their boys into girls and girls into boys. You gotta get the younger generation so doped up by making drugs legal that their brains are too worn out to think clearly — 20 years after they wake up from the first “high”. You gotta keep the people in chains of sexuality so they can think of nothing else. And finally you must take their guns. Take their morality, beliefs , and finally their defense.

That is modern liberalism and a lot of it is masquerading as “Republicans” and “bipartisanship” — guess what it ain’t “bipartisan” if you surrender all. You are just defeated. Old men (of any age) don’t fight wars because they are tooooo…..old and the faces that constantly speak look like “Father Time”. Have you ever heard of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”?

I have lost nothing by evolving into a conservative and neither will you. I have heard people say — I have lost friends. No you have not. They were not your friends to begin with if you have to lay down your principles for them to “like” you.

So anyways, it you take the time to read this, this is the person who writes to you every morning. Hope to see you again!

Dr. Angela Graham West(1) The Republican Coffee Corner with Angela


20 Responses to “The Journey from Left to Right….”
  1. barbara grossman says:

    your story hits home to so many of us. Thanks for sharing it.


  2. Mark Dillon says:

    Wow!!!!! Very deep. Thank your for sharing.

  3. SuLolly says:

    I hope that more American people, red, yellow, black and white left-wing Democrats, will have the same sort of epiphany that you have had before it’s too late for America. I stand with you and your husband and support you in your Conservative values and principles.

  4. Rose says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Dr. West! I was a democrat because the republicans were made to look scary. Then I grew up. I became a republican, and realized there were progressives there too. I became a conservative.

  5. Douglas says:

    I went to San Francisco with flowers in my hair until I read Atlas Shrugged.

  6. Kim says:

    Dr West, I have long admired your husband for his principles, and was very glad to hear your opinions also. Thank you.
    I have always been conservative, at least after the age of 12. Before that,I dreamed of growing up, joining a commune and living happily ever after.
    I didn’t fit in with my schoolmates, I never saw the point of drugs and alcohol and was usually too busy trying to complete a years worth of schoolwork in a month or so, which provided me the money making opportunity of selling assignments to those who were too busy socially to do their work.
    I am in my fifties now, the mother of 6 and we just celebrated the birth of our 25th grandchild last week. I am saddened by the lack of morals and values in our society, the degradation of our educational system, and the all out attack on our religious freedoms.
    I sincerely hope your husband runs for office again. I only wish I lived in your state so that I could volunteer and vote for him.

  7. Pam says:

    Dr. West;

    It is so refreshing reading a blog from a “person of color” who is an actual American. As others have said, I greatly admire and respect your husband, and what he stands for. And now I’ve gotten to know you a little better, and you and I could have been friends in school. We think a lot alike… well, except for the Cross Stitch story. 😉 My mother in law, whom I dearly loved, and lost his past January, was an expert cross-stitcher. She made pictures that were BETTER than the ones portrayed in the instruction books. She also was an expert sewer, putting together quilts in no time. Yet I find sewing tedious and boring. I’m glad she liked to sew!

    It is these types of differences that make our country a great one. And I sincerely hope your husband can find a way around all the dirty political tricks and can run for office again.

  8. Kelly Kafir says:

    I was 17 and conservative. I never thought it was cool to be a democrat – it seemed ridiculous and did not make sense to me. Can’t wait til you are a proper FLOTUS!!!

  9. Star Ibis-Meigs says:

    This was excellent! I have long been a conservative person, and saw through the many incidents of the past decades, that Dr. West speaks of. I would vote for both her and her husband if I were in Florida!

  10. Martin says:

    It is probably a normal part of human development to lean to liberal or so-called progressive causes in your teen-age years and your twenties. This is because everything seems new and exciting the young inquiring mind soaks up everything new like a sponge. The latest films,songs, drugs, fashions, slang, etc, are all always the coolest.
    There is no value attached to the past. Tradition means nothing. Old=bad; new= good.The older generations have nothing worth emulating and if they’re over 30, they should not be trusted. The best is always coming just around the corner. Recall Bill Clinton’s election campaign theme song: ” Don’t Stop Thinkin’ About Tomorrow “. This magic elixir of a better future is the siren call of liberalism and is difficult for the young mind to resist.
    With a few years of maturity and practical experience, however, the young seeker of truth and the better world inevitably begins to realize that the world is not unfolding as it should according to the tenets of liberalism. And so, as the young individual matures into their thirties and forties, they come to that fateful fork in the road of life. They must make that agonizing reappraisal of their youthful beliefs. They either modify their outlook based on their experiences, and become conservative, or continue to live in the state of arrested development known as liberalism. Conservatism is the art of learning from past mistakes, trust in old proven concepts and learning from previous mistakes. Liberalism is the refusal to accept reality and continue to exist in the world of make-believe.
    Glad to meet you and greet you, Angela.

  11. Ed Hostetter says:

    Excellent article! I have always been an admirer of Col. West and would support him or Judge Napolitano for President. My greatest fear is we have already reached the point of no return for our country. The damage is extensive and will become more widespread before conservatives have reached their breaking point and begin to act. I watched Hannity the other night when he had on college students and I was greatly dismayed at how swayed they have become by their liberal progressive professors. We truly need to expunge or learning institutions and both sides of the Congress. Even the “conservative” tea party elected morons like Rubio are showing their true colors. There are very few staying true to the cause. If, by chance, we were able to take back the house and senate in 2014 and replace the current republican leadership with true constitutional conservatives we probably have a chance. The first order of business is for both houses to impeach Obama and try him for high crimes and misdemeanors. Believe me, that alone will reign in Joe whom we would be able to control until 2016. Once a true conservative president, who believes with their whole being in the founding fathers and our constitution is in office we need to work on term limits and include the Supreme Court. There is no reason it should be a lifelong appointment to the court.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents.

    “All that is necessary for evil to triumph
    is for good men to do nothing”. – Edmund Burke

  12. Denise Mary says:

    A delight to read! Thank you, Mrs. West!

  13. Catherine says:

    A very good writer. I admire anyone who is able to put into words what the rest of us are thinking.

  14. Mike Malloy says:

    Just as I get ready to label myself a dyed in the wool racist. You, your husband, Ben Carson or Alveda King come along and I have to reconsider my self-imposed label. God bless you and fight the good fight. Thanks for your share.

  15. OldmanRick says:

    She needs to be first lad,y and he needs to WORK IN THE OVAL OFFICE.

  16. James B Beyersdorf says:

    Thank you Dr. West for an excellent article. Now I know why I like Col West, because of his very gracious wife.

  17. Hans Miller says:

    Dr. West,
    I have long admired your husband Allen, & consider him a courageous, honest, intelligent, well educated, honorable and visionary American patriot and leader. We Marines have awarded him with the title “Honorable Marine” since his Army exchange tour at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base. Many of us who know him or have come to know him by his media appearances are hoping for his future success in political leadership.
    We love America, which consists of people of all colors and cultural backgrounds. Now, we must restore the American Dream for future generations, and defeat the socialist liberal mantra which destroys incentive and personal responsibility. See Detroit, LA, Chicago, and other urban centers. As conservatives, we understand that some require assistance due to real disability. But it plainly annoys us to see generation after generation sign up for government handouts because it’s easier to be a “gimmeee” person than a hard worker willing to contribute.
    After reading your thoughtful, well written article, i think you would make a fine American atriotic First Lady!
    Semper Fidelis & Airborne to your entire family, Hans Miller, Marine Mustang & fellow Blue Knight.

  18. John Philip Sousa says:

    Interesting and insightful. Thank you for saying simply what many already knew but didn’t articulate as well as you do.

    “The left side got everyone else” and ” Democrats are cool and represent the future” is speaking to a point that Bill Whittle has started making, and needs to be what the GOP has to be able to acknowledge, address & change in order to take back the culture from the destruction the left has in store for it.

  19. Billy Butts says:

    Putin has made Obama look like a fool at least twice in the last 2 weeks – that is a shame to know Obama again can’t deal with the real issues of the world. America has become the laughing stock of the world thanks to Obama.

    As usual Obama has no back up plan and now Obama will play on Putin for his guidance tonight – like it was Obama’s idea all along. What a joke we have for a President – he is a self centered idiot. Billy

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