Palm Beach County Tea Party Announces New President

Press Release
September 3, 2013

The Palm Beach County Tea Party Board of Directors has elected Mel Grossman as its new President.

Mel Grossman

Mr. Grossman is a co-founder of the group, founded in 2011 as a spin off of the now defunct South Florida Tea Party, and has served as its Treasurer.

Mr. Grossman moved to Florida in October 2001 after selling his successful small business of 35 years and lives in northern Palm Beach County. He has been involved with the Tea Party efforts since 2010 and has taken an active role in grassroots activities across the county.

In a brief statement, he said:

“I am honored to accept the responsibility of becoming the President of the Palm Beach County Tea Party. I thank the board of directors for their vote of confidence and will do everything in my power to earn their trust. To all our leaders and thousands of our volunteers please know that everything you do is most appreciated. May GOD bless us all.”

Mel replaces former President Michael Riordan who resigned last month.

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