Is anyone involved in the May 21st petitions/demonstrations?

Does anyone have any further information re May 21st demonstrations/petitions occurring at Sen. Nelson’s and/or Sen. Rubio’s PBC offices? The link below  is a response I received as a result of signing the online petition at NumbersUSA. Thanks. Moe


One Response to “Is anyone involved in the May 21st petitions/demonstrations?”
  1. Ed. Wolff says:

    There were several of us from the Palm Beach County Tea Party (PBCTP) and several from Tea Party Patriots (TPP) rallying outside Sen. Rubio’s Palm Beach Gardens office.
    The PBCTP members went up to the office and spoke to the Regional Director who was there. We discussed mainly Sen. Rubio’s Gang-of-Eight immigration bill stance and our lack of confidence in the administration enforcing and of the bills provisions including securing the border and denying benefits to illegal aliens. We urged the Senate not support anything else until the border is secured.

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