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  1. David Snyder says:

    for Pam Wohlschlegel Grassroots Coordinator Citizens for Self Government

    Just wanted to pass along info for your consideration of this blueprint strategy for a county by county, state by state single focused national network to educate, inspire and involve citizens in ushering forward an Article 5 Amendments Convention as now being championed by Mark Levin and the “Liberty Amendments.”

    This focused network ( which we are giving the nickname A5A) would arise as a grassroots movement to bring momentum and coordination both locally and nationally, fostering friendly relationships with all like-minded individuals and groups county by county across America. This in no way replaces or supplants any current patriot group. It rather fosters a mutually symbiotic and healthy relationship.

    The A5A movement has one agenda, one focus. It is hundreds of local but nationally connected groups of educational minutemen who passionately inform fellow citizens of the Article 5 Constitutional option to restore self governance and press this issue of an Amendments Convention forward at every level.

    This is not about rallies, dues, membership, committees or partisanship. This can have a very lean organizational structure locally. It is about rapid education, and bringing massive leverage state by state with the goal of seeing an Amendments Convention in place by 2018.


    The above website articulates the concept in more detail and is the initial starting point to begin the conversation in earnest. If such an organization or concept is already under way and gaining momentum, we will join them. In the mean time, we are putting this out there to see what the interest might be.

    thanks for taking a look, and would welcome any suggestions to see this move forward.

    Sidney, OH

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