Early Voting Begins August 4th for the August 14th Primary

Early voting for the August 14th Primary begins tomorrow, Saturday August 4th. Hopefully – you’ve had a chance to meet the candidates and review them in our Voters’ Guide. There still remain a few opportunities to interact with candidates early next week at two joint efforts between South Florida 912 and the Jupiter/PBG Chapter of the Palm Beach County Tea Party – Fl District 82 Forum and Senate Candidate Dave Weldon on Monday, and at the Boca Raton Chapter Candidate Round Up on Tuesday.

Early voting times are from Saturday, August 4th through Saturday, August 11th from 10am to 6pm Daily.

See the Early Voting page for the early voting locations and driving directions. There are 12 locations so there’s no excuse – go to whichever one is convenient for you! As you know – during early voting you can vote anywhere in the county.

You should have already received your voter registration card as well as sample ballots. If you didn’t receive a new card – look up your precinct at the Precinct Finder which will also bring up a link to your sample ballot. Please recall that there are Open Primaries and Non-Partisan races in which No Party Affiliation registered voters can participate. So check out the tool no matter your affiliation.

It is still possible to request or pick up an Absentee Ballot – see the Absentee Ballot information page of the Supervisor of Elections on how to do so.

There are a lot of important non partisan elections on the ballot that affect you and your family!

Please Vote – even if you don’t usually participate in primaries!


2 Responses to “Early Voting Begins August 4th for the August 14th Primary”
  1. Evis Lois says:

    Good Morning:
    I just want to know if you have a page where you can describe the candidates .
    Examples .
    How do they vote , if they are conservatives, pro or against gun control.
    Judges how they had vote in the past etc.
    Evis Lois

    • PBCTP PBCTP says:

      CLICK HERE for our online voter’s guide. In it you will find background on the candidates and districts, and (if they are already in office) links to their voting record and campaign finance reports. PBCTP will not “pick” candidates, but other organization have presented their picks and rationale, including SF 912, BizPac Review, the Palm Beach Post, and others, including many members of the REC and DEC organizations.

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