Tea Partiers from all over the US Heading to Wisconsin!

Help Save Wisconsin and Save our Country!

On June 5th, the citizens of Wisconsin will vote in a recall election to decide the fate of their fiscally responsible Governor and Lieutenant Governor. In the past the handful of recalls in America’s history were due to illegal actions on the part of elected officials.  In this case, the Progressives created this recall to punish these elected officials for keeping their campaign promises to get the state’s spending problem under control. It is not as if these elected officials have not done a good job  in their first year.  Wisconsin now has a budget surplus instead of being on the brink of bankruptcy.  Teachers are being hired instead of laid off!

The recall situation in Wisconsin is critical to the rest of the nation. This is a direct attack on our core value of fiscal responsibility, as well as on the very Representative Democracy that has propelled America to the heights of freedom! If the Left is successful in causing havoc in Wisconsin, they will spread their abuse of our system to the rest of the country.

Simply stated, progressives are waging an ugly war on fiscal responsibility and our election processes. And if they succeed, they will move on to other states including Florida, Arizona, Ohio, and many more. No state or elected official will be immune.   We must defeat them now before they spread their war around America!

Tea party members from across the USA are traveling to Wisconsin with the sole purpose of preserving the integrity of our election processes in the United States.  Union members are traveling the same direction but for the opposite purpose!  Tea partiers who cannot travel are making calls from their homes.  Everyone is working to win this battle!  Click here if you want to fight this battle with us!

Saul Alinsky, (the Communist organizer who taught Hillary Clinton [in person] and via his book, Rules for Radicals inspired numerous “community organizers” such as Barack Obama) taught his followers never to accept defeat and never to consider a political contest over until it is won by “progressives”, that is the Left. According to them, conservatives can never be allowed to win. If we concede to such tactics, the American experiment in self-government is over!

The Palm Beach County Tea Party is affiliated with the national group, Tea Party Patriots.  The Tea Party Patriots are refusing to sit on the sidelines as the Left attacks the very nature of our Representative Democracy by:

• Shutting down the state of Wisconsin

• Preventing its people from finding real solutions to real problems

• Abusing the law in order to force their undemocratic will on the majority

Appearing on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” show, AFL-CIO Head and Washington Insider Richard Trumka trumpeted the real purpose of the recall effort, which is to threaten and intimidate elected officials who might be considering reasonable efforts to deal with unfunded state pension liabilities and other fiscal problems resulting from an out-of-control public sector: “Would you like to take this fight on?” “A year after you were in office, would you like to be in the fight of your life, spending $25-30 million to hold onto a seat that you were supposed to have for four years . . . would that embolden you? Not if you’re sane and rational it wouldn’t.”

Wisconsin could be the key to determining how the rest of this year plays out. If the Left is successful in Wisconsin, they will no doubt use their success as a model to spread havoc in other places around the country. We must stand with Wisconsin because if we Save Wisconsin, we can Save the Country!

To this end, Tea Party Patriots is engaging in a strategic ground game initiative to bring reinforcements to assist the Wisconsin activists who have been working tirelessly to protect our core values. In whatever way you are able to help, know that you are bringing hope to those tired Wisconsin patriots, fighting the good fight to save our Representative system of government. You can help by making phone calls from your home, going to Wisconsin to canvass key neighborhoods, or by donating ito the effort.

The tea party movement needs your help in our campaign to put a stop to the recalls once and for all. We are calling it, “Save Wisconsin, Save the Country!”.

Click here if you are ready to fight them by telephoning from your home or going to Wisconsin to canvass in person . If you want to go to Wisconsin but cannot pay your way, Tea Party Patriots may be able to help you with the expenses. Please send this letter to the other members of your tea party, your friends, and your family.

The unions are doing this across the country. If not us fighting them, who?

Anyone reading this posting can help us stop them! Click here if you’re ready to fight them!  Please click the button, sign up, and email info@palmbeachcountyteaparty if you have any questions.

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