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From the Book Sale Table: I have been asked about the possibility of getting Stolen History by Frantz Emmanuel Kebreau. Mr. Kebreau was a very interesing speaker at one of our meetings and his book reminds us of lost, forgotten, or stolen details on our history, including the Republican Party Platform of 1860. The book is only available from the author and can be purchased on Mr. Kebreau’s website. There is a special price: buy 2 and get one free. If I get commitments from 3 people, I will order the books. The price will be about $13.00 per book, plus sharing shipping costs. Contact me, Esther Ansell at ecansell2@aol.com or 561 262-6407.


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  1. Karen M. Karen M says:

    Great book….. it is amazing to see how many former slaves became congressmen in the late 1800’s (didn’t learn that in school).

    Quotes from Stolen History….

    “The plantation and the ghetto were created by those who had power; both to confine those who had no power and to perpetuate their powerlessness”. Martin Luther King Jr.

    “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the N&*$# population”….Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood

    “The best way to hate a n*&%$# is to hate him before he is born!”….Leander Perez, 1970, DEMOCRATIC Party Boss, Louisiana

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