Marielena Stuart Anchors the March Jupiter Chapter

“I will take no prisoners – and neither should you.”

With that call to action, Senate candidate Marielena Stuart called on all of us to join the fight against socialism in this country. “It is the eleventh hour in this country, and about to strike midnight”. Having grown up in Cuba, with a father and uncle who fought Castro and were jailed as political prisoners, she knows socialism when she sees it, as the first phase of communism.

In a wide ranging talk that touched on both domestic and foreign policy issues, she drew attention to things that need to be part of the national conversation but have been avoided by the mainstream media and the national candidates:

  • Sustainable development (which she associates with international socialism), driven by the UN Agenda 21, is a direct assault on our liberty.
  • The Palestinian Authority is not just radical Islamist, it is also Marxist.
  • Islamic law and politics are incompatible with our constitution and must be rejected in the US.
  • The Department of Education must be cleared out and disinfected – you don’t want these people polluting your children’s minds.
  • We must dismantle those federal departments that are obstacles to private sector growth, starting with the worst – the EPA.

It was a red meat speech and right on the money. We were left feeling that if Marielena Stuart is elected to the Senate, the place will never be the same again. Truly a candidate for the times.

In other business, we heard from Mel Grossman on upcoming events including the Tax Day Tea Party in Wellington, Terry Brady on fundraising, Iris Scheibl on the coming forum on How Municipal Elections affect our lives, and Barbara Samuels about the National Rally for Religious Freedom on March 23.

Local candidates for office that were introduced (in addition to Marielena Stuart) were Mike Lameyer (Florida Senate 29), Mary Lynn Magar and Calvin Turnquist (Florida House 82), Joe Talley (County Sheriff), Laura Hanley (County Commission District 1) and Lowell Levine (School Board district 1).

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