Where are the Jobs? The Inconvenient Truth!

The Republican Study Committee just came out with an update entitled:  “The Stimulus Chart Obama Doesn’t Want You to See”.  This committee has take a more accurate and relevant picture of the employment situation in the United States, essentially viewing it from the “labor force participation rate” rather than using the faulty “unemployment rate.”  We all know that the unemployment rate is becoming even less indicative of the current situation because of the fact that many long-term unemployed have simply stopped looking for employment and, as such, are no longer counted among the “unemployed.”

Please study this update and create your own 30-second “elevator speech” that will enable you to quickly grab the interest of your friends and family and get them to see that our economy is not improving as is being touted many politicians.  In fact, job wise, we are in worse shape than we have been in for 29 years!


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