Obamacare, Discrimination, Contraceptives and Rubber Gloves

The President has approved an Obamacare regulation requiring health insurance companies to cover contraceptives as part of their “preventive health services” for women

This initiative has stirred up considerable hostility among Catholics and other religious groups who believe the regulation violates the first amendment of the Constitution that stipulates
” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.

My wife and I, both octogenarians, have little interest in or need for contraceptive protection, so the regulation is clearly part of the President’s program of age discrimination. Contraceptives may be of use for those young whippersnappers, but what about the preventive health needs of us more mature people?

Taking the President’s logic to its natural conclusion, it is only reasonable to demand Obamacare provide preventive health services to my wife and require our health insurance company to provide her with the rubber gloves she uses for protection of her hands when washing dishes.

And while they are at it, they can throw in the toothbrushes we use to prevent cavities. That is something that would benefit people of all ages and demonstrate the President is not guilty of age discrimination.

Note that the Bill of Right proscribes what Congress can do. It is silent on what regulations the President can promulgate.


2 Responses to “Obamacare, Discrimination, Contraceptives and Rubber Gloves”
  1. Iris says:

    What about the toothpaste? I want that too. And aspirin – don’t a lot of folks take that to prevent heart attacks? There’s no end to what can be defined as preventative. We should start a list 😉

  2. Austin Porfiri says:

    The noise we hear is symtomatic of a far larger problem. There is a dire need to stop the propagation of an entitlement mentality that is slowly crippling legitimate programs people have paid for by working their entire lives.The best contraception to stop this liberal progressive nonsense is free.

    It is called a ballot that is used when urge arises to stop the vile oder emanating from power hungry polititions who feel the need to bait gullible Americans in order to get elected.

    Like any good preventative measure there is a drastic need for an anti-apathy vaccine which should be administered in early childhood, preferrably within the first 5 years of their formative lives, to prevent the scourge that causes the desire for unearned entitlements. Americans need to be awakened to realize something doesen’t smell right.

    The stench is so overwhelming that it blurs the distinction between work of private charitable institutions, that have been around for centuries, (which apparently threathens progressive liberals) and vote producing government handouts. Thus, the current cabal in the whitehouse, in conjunction with similar stripes in the senate, is attempting to corrupt these charitable institutions by illegally imposing government mandates. The worst is yet to come unless the culprits are avulsed from positions of power. If you know people who are still asleep……

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