A 2012 Conservative’s view of the Republican Party

This is the impression of a conservative once-upon-a-time Republican who was left behind when the Republican Party moved left to join the progressive Democrats.

The Republican Party hierarchy appears to be threatened by the rise of conservatives in their midst who won elections in 2010 and could challenge the party hierarchy for influence and power if these conservatives grow stronger and more numerous.

That Republican Party hierarchy has done its best to marginalize the conservative members of Congress.

That Republican Party hierarchy responded to the perceived conservative threat by turning a cold shoulder to the more conservative presidential candidates and has orchestrated carefully timed endorsements of their liberal candidate.

That Republican Party hierarchy has done nothing to change a New Hampshire voting procedure that allows progressive Democrats and Independents to vote for the Republican Party’s liberal Republican candidate. If the Republicans allow Democrats to help them pick their nominee, why not let illegal aliens help too? At the same time the Republican Party hierarchy threatens to punish Florida, which requires that only Republicans vote in the Republican primary election, for adjusting the date of their primary election. Date adjustment is apparently a much more serious transgression than non-Republicans voting for a Republican nominee.

That Republican Party hierarchy has arrogantly taken the position that conservatives, concerned about the direction the progressive Marxist incumbent White House occupant has taken the country, will have to vote for their Republican nominee no matter how liberal that nominee is. That Republican Party hierarchy behaves like it is the only game in town and the conservatives can take it or leave it. Do they not know that many conservatives are seriously considering the “leave it” option?

That Republican Party hierarchy seems oblivious to the need for an enthused electorate that will beat the bushes and provide funds to help their candidate get elected.

That Republican Party hierarchy does not seem to understand or care about the role enthusiastic Tea Party members and other conservatives played in the election of the conservative Republicans in 2010.

That Republican Party hierarchy does not seem to understand that one option for conservatives is to turn their enthusiasm and money to conservatives running for Congress and local offices and to ignore the Republican Party’s progressive presidential candidate.

That Republican Party hierarchy apparently cannot conceive of the possibility that their 2012 liberal presidential candidate who does not fire up the conservative base can suffer the same fate as their 2008 liberal presidential candidate who did not fire up the conservative base.

This conservative’s view: A conservative replacement for the progressive Republican Party cannot come too soon.


One Response to “A 2012 Conservative’s view of the Republican Party”
  1. Austin Porfiri says:

    Well stated, Ed. Right now we need to swallow hard and do everything we can to avulse the current occupants of the White House. Perhaps the brain trust of the N.E. corridor will someday get it right and throw timely support behind a candidate who has the basic understanding of what is needed to win an election besides money. Pray those hapless leaders of the Republican Party have not unwittingly determined our country’s destiny prior to the upcomming election.

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