Why Do You Continue to Lie to the People Mr. President?

There is in Washington an ideological riff between the socialist/progressive party and the conservative party.  The socialist/progressive party with their titular head, Mr. Obama believe that we have a tax problem—that is we must tax the rich to solve our debt problem.  The conservatives clearly understand that we have only one problem in Washington—a spending problem.

I have collected some “facts” on what is happening with taxes in spite of Obama’s continual reminder that we must tax the rich folks not the middle class.  My question is once again, he is either stupid or he is lying and I don’t believe he is stupid.   He claims to be targeting the rich but in the example below, I certainly would not call this family “rich”.

If the President and Congress do not proactively work to keep the Bush tax breaks, we are going to have a significant tax jump for a very large part of our population come 2013.

The fact is, if nothing is done in terms of putting into place long term “permanent” set of tax laws, many average American families will get whacked.  See the article by Bob Jennings on Fox Business: Why Your Tax Bill Might Surge Next Year

With our economy in such poor shape, why would anyone in their right minds want to put this additional burden on the American people?  The above represents one of the biggest tax increases on our citizens in the history of our country.

Once again, millions of small business owners had better enjoy the next 16 months, because come January 2013, they are going to get whacked with a giant tax bill.

Oh, I forgot one other tax not mentioned above.  See: The 2013 Tax Cliff in the Wall Street Journal.

Ladies and gentlemen, get out and vote these people out in November of 2012!

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