Think you can vote in the Presidential Preference Primary? Check your voter registration!

New to Florida?  Don’t vote at every election (municipal, primary, general)?  Why not?!

Many of us are all fired up and ready to vote in the upcoming Presidential Preference Primary on January 31.  But not all folks know that Florida is a ‘closed primary’ state – which means that one can only vote in the primary for the candidate(s) in the party in which one is registered.  If you are NPA (no party affiliation) or registered in a party other than Republican or Democrat (should President Obama have an opponent qualified in the primary) – you will not be able to vote for the Republican or Democrat  Party candidates.

So take a look at your voter registration card and make sure that you’re registered in the party in whose primary you plan to vote.  No?  Then you have until January 3, 2011 to change your registration (or to register to vote if you’re not already).

Information on how to register or modify your registration can be found at the Supervisor of Elections Voter Registration website page.  Upcoming elections and the voter registration cut-off dates for each can be found at Upcoming Elections.  And get familiar with the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections website, because it has lots of invaluable information on precinct makeup, registrations by party, election results and answers to questions you may have on everything voter related in the county.  Check it out!

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