Hometown Crowd Assembles for Adam Hasner

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In a refreshing contrast to the backdrop of the last Boca Chapter Speaker/Dinner Event in September, our event in October, on the 4th, was set up with a beautiful fall sunset, and a wonderfully balmy and clear 84 degrees, low humidity, and with no rain in sight. The turnout for this event was close to 140 people, and they were not disappointed by the lineup of events for the evening. Adam Hasner, the front-runner candidate for the Republican nomination for Senator in the upcoming election, was set to speak to his hometown crowd.

Senate Candidate Adam Hasner

Once again, familiar faces began to file in and get in line for the delicious buffet at around 6pm, but, as usual, there were many new faces, as well. One thing that you can say emphatically about the Tea Party movement is that it is an ORGANIC one. It is populated by a giant populace who is firmly entrenched in the Tea Party’s classic conservatism— but there seems to be an even larger base of those who are not necessarily affiliated with any particular group, but who are attracted by the purity and honesty of the Tea Party’s core ideology—that reflects the universal concerns that our government be CONSTITUTIONALLY LIMITED, that we hold our elected officials accountable regarding FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY, and that we encourage FREE MARKETS. These are all ideals that are as “relevant” today as they were when our Founding Fathers set the course quite specifically in that direction, and hoped that our nation would continue on that same course for future generations…

In any event, Alex Berry, the Co-Founder and Boca Raton Chapter Coordinator called the meeting to order, and the Pledge of Allegiance was conducted. Immediately thereafter, Carlos Santana—not the legendary 60’s guitarist, but a local proud Cuban descent vocalist—brought down the house with his extraordinary rendition of our National Anthem. Alex then rattled off a list of announcements of current events, and then read a very funny, but poignant, email that he recently received, about the battle between those who RECEIVE “free stuff”, versus the people who PAY for that same “free stuff”.

He then introduced the speaker, Adam Hasner, who seemed genuinely glad to be “home” in Boca, in the midst of such a heavy campaign schedule throughout the state of Florida. Adam took the podium with an aplomb that only one who truly believes in what he does can do—and Adam truly believes in the heart of each principal that he articulated…He did not hesitate to remind our crowd of how he voted on any number of issues, including the CAIR concern. He was not shy about reminding the Tea Party that he stood by issues that we embrace since before any local Tea Party was formed.

When Adam concluded his speech, Alex Berry took over the role as moderator and MC, and a “Question & Answer” period of about 15 minutes ensued. There were several interesting questions posed—from abortion to compromising with the Democrats—and space simply does not allow us to do justice to Hasner’s very good responses to each of these questions—but the one question that seemed to dominate came from one local citizen and first-time attender, who asked Hasner about the Federal Reserve System, and the Internal Revenue Service, and whether or not he felt they should be abolished. It was abundantly clear that Hasner was both appreciative, and challenged, by that question. In the end, he called for wholesale transparency of the Fed—though he stopped short of calling for its abolishment– and TOTAL reform of our tax system, which we all know is badly broken.

Hasner departed amongst universal applause, and the evening ended with Bruce Besser, a local leader in the Boca Chapter, drawing the winning raffle ticket for one lucky attendee. Bruce also reiterated the importance of getting involved on a LOCAL level, as he does—Bruce volunteers his house for all of us to meet on a weeknight to plan events like this one… It is extremely important that we TAKE ACTION in the place where you live—to arrange events like we have each first Tuesday of the month at Boca Greens Country Club.

In summary, it was a great night for patriots in Boca who still love what made this country the most prosperous nation in the world—one that created more wealth, more philanthropy, more generosity, and more opportunity (THROUGH the free market system), to eliminate poverty than ANY other system known to man!

We look forward to seeing not just YOU—but as MANY of your friends as you can muster to come—for our meeting on the first Tuesday of November…


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  1. Mary Adams says:

    I love the way the description of the Boca meeting was so quickly written up and posted on line. It is great for all of us members of the PBCTP to be able to read up on and keep up on events we may not, for one reason or another, be able to attend. Thank you to the author!

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