What is the Tea Party? An Inside Look

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  1. What is the Tea Party ? Its just people, and for a lot of us we see and feel as if we have become trapped in some sort of control over our lives because of the dollar that has or has not given life to a Fifth Element within Government.
    a in-site by me, that people like, so maybe you will, In the begin-ing God created light and He saw it was good, then man created the Tea Party and the Republican Party saw it was good and the Democrat Party saw it as a threat.
    The something happened, between the two Parties, battles are fought within a Political Forum because of our dollar support to the ones of Office. The the creation o, We The Little People The Voice Of America in now within the hearts and souls of what the Tea party was to be, the building block of the Third Party. People see they know it as a fact.
    The Building block of the, Tea Party Independent Forum within the Independent Voting Forum is the door way, not to over through Government but to bring a balance lost back to all of these issues spoke of.
    Some day soon we may just see our first Tea Party President Of The United States.
    I built it and I set it free from control by the two Parties in Office, even from control by me because no one owns the Tea Party.
    The hearts and minds of those who hold Office, do know this, and they see it growing, its a kind of what we are. Then about a month ago I was asked by a Democrat, is he a Tea Party American ? ….Yes, by the freedom of choice…shoot that was something I never though to hear, A Tea Party American who is a Democrat. And that my friends is the power and and freedom of what the Tea Party Is.
    Henry Massingale
    Henry Massingale

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