Progressives Demonizing of the Tea Party: Can We Turn The Tables?

It’s painfully obvious that the progressives and far left have been quite successful at turning the Tea Party movement into the son of Dracula, if credible polls are to be believed. In particular, the Congressional Black Caucus being the most blatant and egregious offender in anti-Tea Party fervor and rhetoric..

It is interesting to note that not even a single democrat House member has come forward to condemn the insidious and incindiary remarks made by our good friends Maxine and Andre that ranged from, “The Tea Party should go straight to HELL..” from Maxine Waters – and that people like you and I would, quote,”like to see those of color strung from a tree” from our  pal Andre..

No matter how incredible their statements may be, they have successfully thrown gasoline on an imaginary fire that’s becoming very real in the eyes of many independents, who will decide the race next year. We are LOSING these voters righ now. We must act. There is no doubt we have the superior intellectual tools to win the war of words against the progressive propagandists, and win we must.

This is a crisis of image that we must, but have yet to overcome. The imaginary ‘spitting incident’ and contrived ‘racial name calling’ at the capitol rally almost 2 years ago have all become very real in the minds of many independents with the constant repetition of the false accounts, and now just flat out lies about how you and I feel about those of color.

These kinds of false attacks prove two things in particular:

1> We have won the battle of logic, words, and actions. This means these cries of  the racism wolf are the pathetic death-throes of an opposition left with no argument, and no achievements to tout for their failed social polices. What’s left? An Alinsky maneuver deigned to distract the public awareness of their failure by picking a target (the Tea Party) and attacking it relentlessly with the most vile and vitriolic salvos possible.

2> That none of that matters if they win the war of hearts and minds, even if they have to lie to do it. They are using the same tactics as Goebbels who successfully hoodwinked an entire nation once touting, “The bigger the lie, the easier it is to convince the general public.”  We cannot let these tactics win the day, but right now this may be the case going into the November election season next year.

It’s time for the Tea Party movement to assess just how the battle of public perception can be won on a national level. Our common sense message must be transmitted in a way that makes sense, as well as in a fashion which can debunk these bald-faced lies and outlandish contrivances of a far left in over-drive to kill our message, as they have none of their own.

The coming campaign season will bring out the very worst in American politics to date in the media. The candidates we endorse in the primary must have the skills to successfully counter the kinds of lies and smears that are most certainly on the way, and will make what we’ve seen so far look meek by comparison.

What we say, and how we vote will make a difference now more than ever, as only 39% of Americans approve of the tea Party movement, if Gallup is accurate here. This shows a free-fall from a high early last year of nearly 50% in some polls, and well OVER that in others.

The mean season leading up to November 2012 has begun. Our message must not be obfuscated by those who would win the war of hearts and minds by twisting the truth when it serves them because they have no argument left to win the war to the White House and the Congressional majority in 2012.

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One Response to “Progressives Demonizing of the Tea Party: Can We Turn The Tables?”
  1. Mary says:

    Excellent post, Val. It would be well worth our time and energy to think about concrete ways we can combat the vitriol aimed at tea party members.

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