How Long Will It Last?

How long will it last?

We are all watching the videos and listening to the speeches as we remember that awful day on September  11, 2001.  We can all remember the feelings we had and the despair as we sat glued to the TV and cried for days on end. I remember calling a friend and saying that I have to get away from this TV because I can’t take the desperate feelings that I am having watching the destruction and loss of life.  It seemed that they would never again be able to clean up NY ,  DC or PA .

 Oh how quickly we forget those feelings and go about our lives as if nothing ever happened. Just a few weeks ago, we witnessed the Media, our Congressmen and Women, the Black Caucus, our labor leaders and yes even our Vice President crying out viscious names against the Tea Party and other people who don’t agree with their ideology.

Next week after the speeches have been spoken and the TV has moved on  the politicians will go back to being the same as they have been for the past century and do things the same as always.  I guess what we should all “pray for”.  Oops did I say pray, sorry.  I know that isn’t politically correct but, oh well , I do pray that we see the real light and start to do what is right for our country and not the political futures of individuals.
If we learned nothing more from 9-11,we learned that America is still the best country to live in. Let’s keep it that way for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

Terry Gallagher


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  1. Al Raden Al Raden says:

    I’m praying with you, Terry.

    I couldn’t watch most of the politicians at the various services today, because I knew that their words were hollow. The only exception I made was Chris Christie at the dedication for the memorial to the New Jersey victims.

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