My Father’s Democrats

My father was a staunch democrat.  In his day he believed the democrat party was for the working man.  He believed in the unions.  He believed in protecting the little guy.  In his day maybe he was right.  I know his values were right.  I know he practiced those values in his everyday life.  I know he looked for an opportunity to do his “Good Deed” for the day.  It could be as simple as helping someone to fix a flat tire to bringing vegetables he grew to a neighbor.

He was a man that was proud of America.  He was proud of his party.  Today I know he would not only be upset with the whole process, he would be disgusted with the democrats.  If he was able to see and read bill S679, Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011, he would be smart enough to realize this is a path to dictatorship. This bill has passed the senate.  He would know both parties that sponsored this bill are NOT constitutionally minded patriots.

I hope everyone goes to govtrack and reads this bill and knows who voted yea and who voted nay.

Please note Marco Rubio voted nay.  Thank God we have some freshmen in office who want to protect the American way.

To my Dad RIP, I love you.


One Response to “My Father’s Democrats”
  1. terry says:

    Janet I agree with you and your Dad’s principals and values.

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