Kill Obamacare in the debt talks

The politicians trying to decide what to do about a national debt that has exceeded the statutory debt limit should quickly agree to two items supported by a large majority of the American people

1. Kill Obamacare

2. Kill all talk of any tax increases

Eliminating Obamacare will eliminate the many bureaucracies that have been established to write the new regulations that will enable the government to swallow up one-sixth of our economy. It will also eliminate the legions of people who were hired to write those regulations

Eliminating talk of tax increases will help protect our fragile economy from the deleterious effects of the federal government extracting additional financial resources in a time of recession.

While the politicians worry and debate about how to reduce unaffordable so-called “mandatory” expenditures like food stamps and Fannie Mae, there should be no hesitancy about tossing out Obamacare and tax increases.

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