Independence Day – First Meetup of the Palm Beach County Tea Party

Video from the event

The new Palm Beach County Tea Party hosted its first event on Independence Day. It was a meet-up in the Food Court at the Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens. One reporter at the Meet-up estimated that we had 150 people in attendance.

The sight of that many people wearing red, white, and blue and carrying small flags was very touching. And, when we broke out and sung the Star Spangled Banner (not once but twice), there were many teary eyes! We also took a moment to Pledge our allegience to our country on this very special day.

The PBC Tea Party would like to thank all of who came out to show their patriotism and love of their country. We also want to thank those who helped to spread the word about this event and even brought friends and friends of friends!

We hope that you were able to get signed up on our website so that you will continue to get our email announcements. We are a new organization and just beginning to create our member list — and we hope to have you join us!

If you registered at the Meet-up, you should have received an email by now that gives you further instructions on how to get set up on our email list and website. Please contact us if you do not get this problem or have problems with this next step.

One last note: Joyce Kaufman wanted to be with us but called before the meet-up with a bad case of laryngitis. She was not able to attend but sent everyone her best wishes for a blessed Independence Day. We missed you, Joyce!

Pictures by Delia, Dawn and Fred


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  1. rabornmd says:

    Next meeting? Looked like fun

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