Fiscal Brinkmanship

The President should have seen the mood of the electorate after the 2010 election and prioritized expenditures to rein in spending and get the budget (nonexistent as it is) under control.

Even now, with opposition mounting to his desire to increase the National Debt, he continues his wanton spending, ignores the need to prioritize expenses and takes us to the brink.

He continues to produce long lists of programs that are untouchable and that consume the majority of the spending so there is nothing left to cut as we head to the brink.

His continuing to spend money he does not have pushes the country to the edge of a cliff, and the longer he waits to adjust the messier the solution (if there will be one) will be.

It is almost as if he wants the country to go down in the hope (is that the hope and change he promised in his campaign) that he and his progressive cohorts can take us into full-fledged socialism when the country collapses.

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