Pacific Legal’s Mark Miller at Abacoa on 1/2

Please join us on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 as the Jupiter Chapter Hosts: “Mark Miller” Managing Attorney PLF Atlantic Center PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL; March 12, 2014: Florida attorney Mark Miller, a veteran of business, property rights, and constitutional litigation, has joined Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) as managing attorney with PLF’s Florida (Atlantic Center) office based in Palm Beach Gardens. Background, Practice Areas... [Read More...]

TPP Call – 12/4

1. Constitution Minute – Chris Wright The Consumer Protection Finance Board (CPFB), has deviated from the explicit U.S. Constitution separation of powers( executive, legislative, judicial) requirement. The U.S. Congress has delegated a portion of their normal powers to the board. The TPP are working to correct this situation. 2. D.C. Report- Bill Pascoe The house returns from vacation this week, with one of their major goals; to pass a new... [Read More...]


It is sad watching the President of the United States (POTUS) issuing nonsense tweets. Many of his tweets complain about various criminal activities and ask why the Justice Department is not doing something about them. It is sad because Article II of the Constitution of the United States grants POTUS the executive power to enforce the laws of the country. He should not merely be tweeting questions about the lack of activity of the Attorney General;... [Read More...]

TPP Call – 11/19

1. Constitution Minute: Chris Wright State Constitutions & the federal Constitution together, provide a thorough explanation of U.S. laws. 2. D.C. Report: Bill Pascoe The house & senate are on vacation, this week. Last week, the house passed a tax reduction /simplification bill. Importantly, the bill includes a provision to remove the obama care mandates. Congress will probably stall on passage of a new federal funding bill past the December... [Read More...]


Why is Attorney General Jeff Sessions so inexplicably reticent about a nonpartisan investigation of the many criminal complaints against Hillary Clinton? That question is not examined in the media, but ask the citizenry and they provide several possible explanations. Some say Mr. Sessions is intimidated by the Clintons because he does not want to be added to the list of over a hundred mysteriously deceased people who were associated with the Clintons.... [Read More...]

November Wellington Picture

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TPP Call – 11/12

1. Constitution Minute-Chris Wright The Constitution specifies that congress must issue declarations of war. Obama violated this requirement several times by stating that what he authorized were not full scale wars. This has resulted in a need to enforce the requirement that only congress can declare war. 2. Current Congressional Tax Reduction/code simplification bill situation- Guest Speaker; ex congressman; David McIntosh Mr. McIntosh gave a description... [Read More...]

Eric Golub at all chapters in December

Please Join us at all three chapters in December for a feel-good fun-filled evening with political satirist Eric Golub Eric Golub “Tygrrrr Express Blog Site“ Monday, December 4, 2017 Abacoa Golf Club 105 Barbados Drive Jupiter, Fl 33458 TIME: 5:30 PM Buffet 6:30 PM Program Dinner – $20.00 (Buffet, Cash Bar) No charge for meeting. Map Abacoa RSVP: Tuesday, December 5, 2017 Boca Community Center 150 Crawford Blvd, Boca Raton,... [Read More...]

Eric Golub on 12/4 at Abacoa

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Eric Golub on 12/5 at Boca

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