TPP Call – 9/17

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright Black Lives Matter continues to be one of the leading leftest attackers on the attempted destruction of our Constitution. 2. DC Report; Bill Pascoe * Twelve new US attorneys were confirmed * The debt ceiling review has been officially suspended. The suspension will be removed on December 8th. The plan appears to be to reset the debt limit on the 8th with all of the interim congressional approved incremental raises. *... [Read More...]

TPP Call – 8/13/17

1. Constitution Minute- Chris Wright – The progressives are in a determined campaign to undermine the Constitution. We must constantly defend it from their attacks. 2. D.C. Report-Bill Pascoe – The house & senate are on their late summer vacation until September 5th. – The President is considering new cabinet changes that include Perry to DHS and possibly a post for democratic senator Manchin – AG Sessions is opening... [Read More...]

TPP Call – 8/6/17

1. Constitution Minute: Chris Wright There are socialist efforts in process to undermine our 14th amendment rights, that is, to make the names of contributors to private organizations public information. 2. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe This week, the Senate confirmed 104 persons, including Wray as FBI director. AG Sessions announced a crackdown on government information data leaks. Mueller has set up a grand jury with apparently no constraints on material... [Read More...]

TPP Call – 7/30/17

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright: The left is now in a daily indirect attack on our Constitution. 2. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe: – The house is in recess until September 5th. – All vote attempts to repeal or limit o’care failed. Senator McCain made a deliberate grand stand vote to defeat the final bill proposal. The repeal efforts are not yet final, future repeal bill votes can be attempted. – The president is considering... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Call 7/16/17

1.- Randall O’Toole of the Cato Institue spoke on: “U.S. Land Use & Transportation Policy” or “Smart Growth” or” Urban Growth & Transportation”. Stated intent: To restrict auto travel by moving into dense city housing and increasing rail travel. (Sounds like communism to me). This policy was started during the last Bush presidency. O’Toole stated that he has founded “The American Dream... [Read More...]

TPP Conference Call – 7/9/17

Special Guest was Senator Ted Cruz. Sen. Cruz Health Care Update: a. The two dangers are; fail to repeal or pass a fake repeal bill b. His focus: reduce costs by adding options. He has added this feature to the current senate bill. c. Rino’s will very probably keep the current o’care taxes. (Also; my opinion, they consider Obamacare as an entitlement. They never cancel entitlements.) d. Probably the most important issue that impacts... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Call – 3/5/17

1. This weeks calls to action; – March 15 is a key date with “Freedom Works” rallies in DC – Emphasis on Obamacare repeal by end of March – Emphasis on replacement of temporary debt limit extension 2. Obamacare/Constitution Minute – Obamacare satisfaction rate dropped from 72% to 20% in the last year – Pre existing condition applicant charges being raised substantially 3. DC Report – Trump cabinet nominations... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Call – 2/12/17

DC Report 1. House– Miscellaneous bill issues 2. Senate – Confirmation activities: Pence broke tie to confirm Betsy Devos – Sessions nominated; Warren ordered to sit down and end her negative Sessions remarks – Price & Pruitt nominations close to completion – Currently, nine nominations confirmed. – Apparently, a revised illegal immigrant control executive order is being prepared for issue. – General... [Read More...]

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