TPP Call – 7/30/17

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright: The left is now in a daily indirect attack on our Constitution. 2. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe: – The house is in recess until September 5th. – All vote attempts to repeal or limit o’care failed. Senator McCain made a deliberate grand stand vote to defeat the final bill proposal. The repeal efforts are not yet final, future repeal bill votes can be attempted. – The president is considering... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Call 7/16/17

1.- Randall O’Toole of the Cato Institue spoke on: “U.S. Land Use & Transportation Policy” or “Smart Growth” or” Urban Growth & Transportation”. Stated intent: To restrict auto travel by moving into dense city housing and increasing rail travel. (Sounds like communism to me). This policy was started during the last Bush presidency. O’Toole stated that he has founded “The American Dream... [Read More...]

TPP Conference Call – 7/9/17

Special Guest was Senator Ted Cruz. Sen. Cruz Health Care Update: a. The two dangers are; fail to repeal or pass a fake repeal bill b. His focus: reduce costs by adding options. He has added this feature to the current senate bill. c. Rino’s will very probably keep the current o’care taxes. (Also; my opinion, they consider Obamacare as an entitlement. They never cancel entitlements.) d. Probably the most important issue that impacts... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Call – 3/5/17

1. This weeks calls to action; – March 15 is a key date with “Freedom Works” rallies in DC – Emphasis on Obamacare repeal by end of March – Emphasis on replacement of temporary debt limit extension 2. Obamacare/Constitution Minute – Obamacare satisfaction rate dropped from 72% to 20% in the last year – Pre existing condition applicant charges being raised substantially 3. DC Report – Trump cabinet nominations... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Call – 2/12/17

DC Report 1. House– Miscellaneous bill issues 2. Senate – Confirmation activities: Pence broke tie to confirm Betsy Devos – Sessions nominated; Warren ordered to sit down and end her negative Sessions remarks – Price & Pruitt nominations close to completion – Currently, nine nominations confirmed. – Apparently, a revised illegal immigrant control executive order is being prepared for issue. – General... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Call – 1/29/17

1. DC Report – House: HR 7, No tax payer abortion funding; Passed – Senate: Confirmed Pompao & Haley, Tillerson & Chow, next week – Other: Scotus nomination next week; obama executive orders being dumped 2. Obamacare & Constitution Minute: Obamacare is unraveling; Trumps sanctuary city executive may be overruled by states rights issues 3. Scotus Update – TPP need the “tool kit” local TP review... [Read More...]

Gun Show 2/11

The Palm Beach County Tea Party actively supports the monthly fairgrounds gun show. We consider the show as a great opportunity to meet & greet many many conservative, pro protective firearms ownership locals. We have a table at each show that is staffed by Tea Party members, including some very firearms knowledgeable members. We also have information about the Tea Party’s goals and tenets. In addition, we welcome discussions and questions... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Call – 01/15/17

1. DC report, Bill Pascoe – House & senate passed an obama care repeal process resolution – House & senate have an off site retreat on Jan. 25 to 27 – Trump briefed on the Russian election supposed hacking claims document – Sessions confirmation process is looking positive. The Tillerson confirmation process does not look as positive 2. Obamacare & Constitution Status- Chris Wright – Obamacare is still... [Read More...]

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