Tea Party Patriots Call – 1/29/17

1. DC Report – House: HR 7, No tax payer abortion funding; Passed – Senate: Confirmed Pompao & Haley, Tillerson & Chow, next week – Other: Scotus nomination next week; obama executive orders being dumped 2. Obamacare & Constitution Minute: Obamacare is unraveling; Trumps sanctuary city executive may be overruled by states rights issues 3. Scotus Update – TPP need the “tool kit” local TP review... [Read More...]

Gun Show 2/11

The Palm Beach County Tea Party actively supports the monthly fairgrounds gun show. We consider the show as a great opportunity to meet & greet many many conservative, pro protective firearms ownership locals. We have a table at each show that is staffed by Tea Party members, including some very firearms knowledgeable members. We also have information about the Tea Party’s goals and tenets. In addition, we welcome discussions and questions... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Call – 01/15/17

1. DC report, Bill Pascoe – House & senate passed an obama care repeal process resolution – House & senate have an off site retreat on Jan. 25 to 27 – Trump briefed on the Russian election supposed hacking claims document – Sessions confirmation process is looking positive. The Tillerson confirmation process does not look as positive 2. Obamacare & Constitution Status- Chris Wright – Obamacare is still... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Call – 01/08/17

1. Sessions confirmation by Gary Marx; President Madison Strategies * He has excellent experience * He will eliminate sanctuary cities * Confirmation starts in two days * Dems confirmation attacks have been continuous for more than 30 years * Dems use same tactics for supreme court nominees 2. Jenny Beth Martin * Particularly need to contact red state senators * Nomination process can last for 2-1/2 months ... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 12/11/16

1. Guest speaker; Robt. Fleming, Director “We The People” – Mr. Fleming works with public schools to explain the US Constitution – His federal funding has dried up. He is seeking funding by states. 2. D.C. report; Bill Pascoe – As of last Friday, 2016 congress is closed. – Trump pushing to stop IRS commissioner impeachment initative. – House & Senate passed CR bill through April 28, 2017 – Sec.... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 12/04/16

1. Obamacare update and Constitution defense – Chris wright – The left is working hard to stop total repeal – US flag burning; TPP are disgusted by this but it is not against the Constitution 2. D.C. report – Bill Pascoe – House passed “The National Defense Authorization Bill” – A temporary govt. funding C.R. will likely passed for funding through 4/31/2017 – Elaine Chow (McConnel’s wife)... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 11/27/16

1. Obama Care status; Chris Wright – The resulting Medicade expansion is bad news – The Trump proposal to keep pre existing conditions and 26 year old offspring coverage is a very bad idea because of the financial burden. Need full repeal. – The potential Trump business conflict of interest with govt. business will be a continuing concern. 2. DC Report – Bill Pascoe – A 3 month budget C.R. will likely pass. This is good... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 10/23

TPP Citizens Fund Jenny Martin —Telephone calls are being made to all states via telephone banking —Voter contact information packs are being handed out —Robo calls are also being made —Hand written letters are being mailed to voters —To obtain information on details see Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund —A request to Tea Party webinar participants was made to make letter contacts with voters. 91% agreed. Signed... [Read More...]

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