Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 12/11/16

1. Guest speaker; Robt. Fleming, Director “We The People” – Mr. Fleming works with public schools to explain the US Constitution – His federal funding has dried up. He is seeking funding by states. 2. D.C. report; Bill Pascoe – As of last Friday, 2016 congress is closed. – Trump pushing to stop IRS commissioner impeachment initative. – House & Senate passed CR bill through April 28, 2017 – Sec.... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 12/04/16

1. Obamacare update and Constitution defense – Chris wright – The left is working hard to stop total repeal – US flag burning; TPP are disgusted by this but it is not against the Constitution 2. D.C. report – Bill Pascoe – House passed “The National Defense Authorization Bill” – A temporary govt. funding C.R. will likely passed for funding through 4/31/2017 – Elaine Chow (McConnel’s wife)... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 11/27/16

1. Obama Care status; Chris Wright – The resulting Medicade expansion is bad news – The Trump proposal to keep pre existing conditions and 26 year old offspring coverage is a very bad idea because of the financial burden. Need full repeal. – The potential Trump business conflict of interest with govt. business will be a continuing concern. 2. DC Report – Bill Pascoe – A 3 month budget C.R. will likely pass. This is good... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 10/23

TPP Citizens Fund Jenny Martin —Telephone calls are being made to all states via telephone banking —Voter contact information packs are being handed out —Robo calls are also being made —Hand written letters are being mailed to voters —To obtain information on details see Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund —A request to Tea Party webinar participants was made to make letter contacts with voters. 91% agreed. Signed... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 9/25

The 9/25 TPP Webinar Synopsis: 1. Special Guest: Trevor Loudon Loudon, From New Zealand, is the author of “Enemies Within” and the DVD of same subject.  The basic theme is that the US is being subjected internally to a concerted effort by a coalition of Communists and radical Muslims to destroy our free society.  A key aspect of this is that the US Democrat party has been totally subverted by this coalition.  He emphasized that the... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 9/18/16

The regular TPP Sunday conference call on 9/18 covered: 1. Obamacare Status by Chris Wright – Obamacare continues to lose insurers and raise prices. Demos are pushing for single payer. 2. DC Political Status by Bill Pascoe – Both houses working final bills prior to adjournment. Most important is a CR (Continuing Resolution) for next year’s funding. Demos intent on using a CR to get minimal funding limits. TPP pushing for IRS leader’s... [Read More...]

Tea Party Patriots Conference Call – 9/11/16

The regular TPP Sunday conference call touched on a number of topics this week: 1. The “National Popular Vote Project” by guest speaker, Gary Porter. – Project was started by politicians angry about Bush presidential win via electoral college – The intent is to eliminate the Electoral College and elect only via popular vote – Use state by state approval to implement without a Constitutional amendment – Roughly 1/3... [Read More...]

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