TPP Call – 12/10/17

1. Constitution Minute- Chris Wright The federal government is slowly imposing sanctions on the 4th amendment that could result in loss of a basic public protection from unreasonable searches. The supreme court is preparing for a review of the feds actions. 2. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe The two main current issues before congress are tax reform and the next budget bill resolution. The current tax reform bill is in the conference reconciliation work... [Read More...]

TPP Call – 12/4

1. Constitution Minute – Chris Wright The Consumer Protection Finance Board (CPFB), has deviated from the explicit U.S. Constitution separation of powers( executive, legislative, judicial) requirement. The U.S. Congress has delegated a portion of their normal powers to the board. The TPP are working to correct this situation. 2. D.C. Report- Bill Pascoe The house returns from vacation this week, with one of their major goals; to pass a new... [Read More...]

TPP Call – 11/19

1. Constitution Minute: Chris Wright State Constitutions & the federal Constitution together, provide a thorough explanation of U.S. laws. 2. D.C. Report: Bill Pascoe The house & senate are on vacation, this week. Last week, the house passed a tax reduction /simplification bill. Importantly, the bill includes a provision to remove the obama care mandates. Congress will probably stall on passage of a new federal funding bill past the December... [Read More...]

TPP Call – 11/12

1. Constitution Minute-Chris Wright The Constitution specifies that congress must issue declarations of war. Obama violated this requirement several times by stating that what he authorized were not full scale wars. This has resulted in a need to enforce the requirement that only congress can declare war. 2. Current Congressional Tax Reduction/code simplification bill situation- Guest Speaker; ex congressman; David McIntosh Mr. McIntosh gave a description... [Read More...]

TPP Call – 11/5

1. Constitution Minute- Chris Wright He highlighted that our Constitution is not compatible with socialism. 2. This week’s TPP action items relative to the current income tax system upgrades- JBM – Schedule house parties – Write letters to the letters – Recruit tax reform coalition; new members 3. D.C. Report- Bill Pascoe The house has passed a budget resolution bill. This insures that the democrats can not filibuster... [Read More...]

TPP Call – 10/22

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright There were mass protests & violent rioting in D.C. during President Trump’s inauguration. Lawsuits resulting from damage claims and rioter behaviors are nearly ready to go to trial. Since D.C. is 95% politically democrat, the anticipated trial results are not favorable. 2. D.C. Update; Bill Pascoe There were lengthy debates about Iran not adhering to the obama program agreements; with possible U.S.... [Read More...]

TPP Call – 10/15

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright The left’s primary anti Constitution effort is to dispute that our basic rights come from God. 2. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe The U.S. is developing a new strategy to confront Iran. The first step is to deny certification of the Obama agreement. President Trump, with substantial help from Senator Rand Paul is preparing to release by executive order, “Association Health Care”. This will circumvent... [Read More...]

TPP Call -10/1/17

1. TPP Update; JBM The administration has designated 10/02 as “Cut The Red Tape”day. The intent is to accelerate the administration’s political accomplishments. The following govt. agencies will be involved: Agriculture, Education, Labor, Small Business, Treasury, Health & Human Services, & Executive. The president will give a speech. There is a request for Tea party help by social media work, letters to prominent political... [Read More...]

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