In Memoriam

United States Constitution Born September 17, 1787 Died November 20, 2014 Cause of Death: The amnesty executive order of Czar Barak Hussein Obama.  Read More →


(With apologies to Civil War Admiral David Glasgow Farragut) The attitude of Czar Barak Hussein Obama with his amnesty executive order.  Read More →


1. I will only vote for conservative candidates. I will vote for and support conservative candidates and do what I can to get them elected. 2. I will not vote for a “less liberal” candidate. Sometimes it seems a political party runs a candidate that is less liberal than the candidates of the opposition parties in the belief the conservative voter has nowhere else to go and will have to vote for their candidate. That logic might have worked... [Read More...]


OVERSIGHT ARCHIVE, OCT-DEC 2014 NEWS YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE GLEANED FROM THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA Compiled by Ed. Wolff As more recent OVERSIGHT posts preempt older posts, those older posts are moved here to serve as a searchable resource. The Palm Beach County Tea Party (PBCTP) Oversight Function helps members understand current events. Below is a copy of what was sent out in the weekly email. The text beneath each link is a synopsis of the material.... [Read More...]


The Washington Redskins football team is under increasing pressure from the far left progressive liberals who demand the team change its name because the name is “racist” The team name is a valuable asset. Here is a simple, cost-effective way for the team to counter the loony leftists while retaining their name recognition. The team could remove the picture of the indian from their helmets and any other items having that picture and replace it... [Read More...]


An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. A head for a head.  Read More →


Candidates who will appear on the upcoming Election ballots in Palm Beach County were asked a series of questions to help the Tea Party members understand the candidates’ positions on some of the important issues. The responses received from the candidates were emailed to the members on July 5th in advance of the July Candidate Forums. The responses are shown at Final Voter Guide . If you did not receive this voter guide and wish to be on our... [Read More...]

CORRUPTION is not just “over there”

Many people in The Unites States think that a corrupt government is something found “over there” in the third world in banana republics. Those people should take their blinders off and look at what is happening “over here”. We have what seems like a pathological liar-in-chief (“You can keep your doctor if you like your doctor”) who followed a leader who was impeached for lying under oath. We have had a number of members of the executive... [Read More...]

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