“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king” – Erasmus of Rotterdam, 16th-century Hail to the King! All Hail to the King, the One-Eyed King, Barack Hussein Obama (alias Barry Soetoro)! The One-Eyed king, immersed in his ideology and determination to fundamentally transform the United States of America, does not see the damage he is inflicting on all around him. 1. The One-Eyed king does not see the weakness he has inflicted... [Read More...]

The Not So Non-Political FBI

Christopher Sign, morning anchor at ABC15 in Phoenix, reported the following: How a Local AZ Reporter Broke the Bombshell Clinton-Lynch Story Former President Bill Clinton waited at the Phoenix airport Monday night (June 27, 2016) for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to arrive. The FBI there on the tarmac instructed everybody: “no photos, no pictures, no cell phones”. We also know the FBI protects the Attorney General while the Former President... [Read More...]


Those citizens hoping for the return of our glory days of the past were given another taste of the reality of our decline on March 14,2016 when Europe and Russia launched a robotic exploration mission to Mars. Liftoff! European Mission to Mars Launches to Seek Signs of Life The mission title “ExoMars” stands for “Exobiology on Mars” The mission includes two spacecraft, a Mars lander (Schiaparelli ) to develop the technology of landing... [Read More...]


Our borders are deliberately left unsecure. Jihadists enter the country undetected. Terrorism occurs in the country. Martial law is declared. The Constitution (including the first, second and twenty second amendments) is suspended. The Commander-In-Chief becomes Emperor-For-Life. All Tea Party and Constitution-supporting orgaanizations are disbanded. We become a feudal society.  Read More →

POTUS and Congressional Candidate Evaluations

CONSERVATIVE VOTERS’ GUIDES PRESIDENTIAL VOTERS’ GUIDE Evaluations of the conservativeness of the positions of all of the announced 2016 Republican Presidential candidates are scored (good, mixed, bad) for each of eleven policy issues (Budget, Spending & Debt; Civil Liberties; Education; Energy & Environment; Foreign Policy & Defense; Free Market; Health Care & Entitlements; Immigration; Moral Issues; Second Amendment; Taxes,... [Read More...]


All computers containing data or programs whose disclosure would compromise national security, individual privacy or infrastructure protection should be immediately disconnected from the Internet. Access to those computers should be by hard-wired terminals exclusively. Disconnecting the computers should thwart hackers who use the internet for unauthorized access to computer information. Disconnecting should apply to all levels of government, government... [Read More...]


Or as Rush Limbaugh says: “Why liberals lie” You may find this Heritage Foundation lecture from March 5, 2007 by Evan Sayet, comedian and writer, both entertaining and informative. How Modern Liberals “Think”  Read More →


People are saying they will remember in 2016 those that voted for the $1.1T spending bill Speaker Boehner negotiated with Democratic President Obama. There are other memories that will remain until 2016 and beyond. There is the memory of voting in 2008 for liberal John McCain, the Senator who recently enthusiastically supported the report of Democratic Sen. Feinstein falsely accusing the CIA of torture. There is the memory of voting in 2012 for liberal... [Read More...]

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