TPP Call – 9/17

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright

Black Lives Matter continues to be one of the leading leftest attackers on the attempted destruction of our Constitution.

2. DC Report; Bill Pascoe

* Twelve new US attorneys were confirmed

* The debt ceiling review has been officially suspended. The suspension will be removed on December 8th. The plan appears to be to reset the debt limit on the 8th with all of the interim congressional approved incremental raises.

* Senator Graham and one other senator have proposed a new obama care change bill. The bill does not repeal obama care, but includes the following:

– Shifts significant parts of bill funding from the fed to states,
– Drops the employer mandate requirement,
– Drops insurer bail outs,
– Makes the obama care formula for state to state funding more equitable.
– Proposes dropping fed funding for abortions. However it also does not repeal any obama care taxes & keeps the congressional obama care exemptions.

In a TPP poll, the bill was rejected. However, JBM is still proposing support for the bill.

* Tax reform; Stay tuned.

3. TPP calls for action:

– There are six TPP important petitions on the TPP web site that every one needs to push for signing.
– The 9/23/17 DC meeting needs as many attendees as possible.
– No senators or representatives will be attending the 9/23 event because of the impending Jewish holidays.

TPP Call – 8/13/17

1. Constitution Minute- Chris Wright

– The progressives are in a determined campaign to undermine the Constitution. We must constantly defend it from their attacks.

2. D.C. Report-Bill Pascoe

– The house & senate are on their late summer vacation until September 5th.
– The President is considering new cabinet changes that include Perry to DHS and possibly a post for democratic senator Manchin
– AG Sessions is opening an investigation into yesterday’s riot in Charlottesville.
– The house Freedom Caucus is attempting an “end run” around Paul Ryan to get a new vote on repealing o’care. They need 218 votes.
– “The Nation”, a completely leftist organization has firmly announced that there was no Trump/Russia collusion. They claim that they have proof that it was “an inside” job.
– There is talk that the president will “Dump” Bannon.
– The president is “warring” with McConnell.

3. Jennie Beth Martin

– No webinar next week.
– Two “on the spot” questions were asked of the attendees: 1. Will they attend the TPP rally in D.C on September 23? Will they stay over to the next day?
– There is a TPP website . It has a “tool kit” with the requested Tea Party actions on the open skys subsidized funding issue. There is a similar site for the o’care congressional exemptions.
– The TPP September 23rd rally will be in Lafayette park.
– The Charlottesville riot was a sadly racist happening, that the TPP strongly disapproves of.

TPP Call – 8/6/17

1. Constitution Minute: Chris Wright

There are socialist efforts in process to undermine our 14th amendment rights, that is, to make the names of contributors to private organizations public information.

2. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe

This week, the Senate confirmed 104 persons, including Wray as FBI director. AG Sessions announced a crackdown on government information data leaks. Mueller has set up a grand jury with apparently no constraints on material investigated. Most of his investigators are democrat supporters. The president announced his public support for AG Sessions.

3. TPP Current activities; Jennie Beth Martin

Mitch McConnell, et. al. are giving 8 million dollars to help try to defeat Mo Brooks (in the Alabama Senate race to replace Jeff Sessions). There is a call to action on the TPP economic agenda: tax reform (Make America Great Again). Tea Party members are urged to call their congress people and contact local newspapers. Two Qatar and one UAE airlines are working to undercut inter airline fare agreements. This can result in major airline service cut backs. Request that Tea Party members contact the President’s office to make him aware of this. Two ballot requests were presented during the webinar. The first requested volunteers to sign up to make calls on the TPP website items listed. The second asked for volunteers to solicit associates to make calls. The TPP website has a tool kit to provide details on current event solicitations. Saturday, September 23 is the scheduled TPP Rally event on the White House grounds in D.C.

TPP Call – 7/30/17

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright: The left is now in a daily indirect attack on our Constitution.

2. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe:

– The house is in recess until September 5th.
– All vote attempts to repeal or limit o’care failed. Senator McCain made a deliberate grand stand vote to defeat the final bill proposal. The repeal efforts are not yet final, future repeal bill votes can be attempted.

– The president is considering repealing congress’ ( including staff personnel) o’care exemptions.

3.TPP Call To Action; J.B.M.

– Next Monday & Tuesday, please make o”care repeal calls to Senators, their staffs, & the president.
– The TPP web site has a call list and call talking points.
– Last week, very large quantities of petitions/letters were delivered to Senators office by local Tea Partys.
– TPP endorsed Mo Brooks for a Virginia Senate seat.
– TPP are looking for business people with personal excessive tax experience.

Tea Party Patriots Call 7/16/17

1.- Randall O’Toole of the Cato Institue spoke on: “U.S. Land Use & Transportation Policy” or “Smart Growth” or” Urban Growth & Transportation”.

Stated intent: To restrict auto travel by moving into dense city housing and increasing rail travel. (Sounds like communism to me). This policy was started during the last Bush presidency. O’Toole stated that he has founded “The American Dream Institution”. His intent is to attempt to cease U.S. funding of “Smart Growth”. There is an ADI meeting in Arlington, Va. next month. Smart Growth is now controlled by Dr. Ben Carson”s federal department. Mr. O’Toole noted that Smart Growth funding by the U.S. is out of control. His example, a recent U.S. $75 million grant to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. for a two mile long street car line. His second example is the state of California. It is currently the most expensive state to live in in the U.S. Largely because 95% of the people live on 5% of the land in California. Mr. O’Toole noted that Smart Growth is being pushed by transit groups, greens, & U.S. urban planners. Mr. O’Toole’s email address is:

2.- Chris Wright’s constitution Minute: U.S. enemies are trying to undercut the U.S. Constitution by pushing a “Living Breathing Constitution”. Essentially their warped ideas.

3.- Bill Pascoe: D.C. report. Wray confirmation for the FBI director is moving slowly along. The Senate is adding “Veterans Choice” to the new budget bill to gain leverage. Senator Cruz’s, option amendment to the current senate o’care replacement bill has been severely diluted. The vote on this bill has been delayed by Senator McCain’s surgery. The Trump Jr. meeting with the Russian shows contemplated collusion but no follow through and no laws broken.

4.- At this point, I lost connection with the webinar.

TPP Conference Call – 7/9/17

Special Guest was Senator Ted Cruz.

Sen. Cruz Health Care Update:

a. The two dangers are; fail to repeal or pass a fake repeal bill
b. His focus: reduce costs by adding options. He has added this feature to the current senate bill.
c. Rino’s will very probably keep the current o’care taxes. (Also; my opinion, they consider Obamacare as an entitlement. They never cancel entitlements.)
d. Probably the most important issue that impacts congress members is their re- election fetish.
e. Current Congressional switchboard calls are only 25% pro Obamacare repeal.

Conclusion: Senator Cruz has an excellent understanding of the current Obamacare repeal effort. He and Senator Lee are our key supporters and our best hope to unlock the current Obamacare debit lock on our economy.

Tea Party Patriots are currently conducting a major campaign to make direct Congressional member requests to repeal Obamacare. (See the Tea Party Patriots Website)

Q&A: I signed off at this point.

Tea Party Patriots Call – 3/5/17

1. This weeks calls to action;
– March 15 is a key date with “Freedom Works” rallies in DC
– Emphasis on Obamacare repeal by end of March
– Emphasis on replacement of temporary debt limit extension

2. Obamacare/Constitution Minute
– Obamacare satisfaction rate dropped from 72% to 20% in the last year
– Pre existing condition applicant charges being raised substantially

3. DC Report
– Trump cabinet nominations confirmed; Carson, Perry, Zinke, Ross
– New Trump illegal immigration executive order release is imminent
– Republicans are pushing for tax credits for their new health care bill

4. Calls to action
– DC marches on March 15
– Tea Party local meetings
– Calls to local congress members
– Rallies at local congressional offices
– Live polling questions/answers

Tea Party Patriots Call – 2/12/17

DC Report

1. House– Miscellaneous bill issues

2. Senate
– Confirmation activities: Pence broke tie to confirm Betsy Devos
– Sessions nominated; Warren ordered to sit down and end her negative Sessions remarks
– Price & Pruitt nominations close to completion
– Currently, nine nominations confirmed.
– Apparently, a revised illegal immigrant control executive order is being prepared for issue.
– General Flynn is in trouble because he misled Pence about his earlier telephone conversation content with Russian diplomats.
– Discussion about possible use of “the nuclear option use to confirm Neil Gorsuch.


– Enrollment numbers are down and costs are spiraling upward

2.- Gorsuch is displaying strong Constitutional support

JBM Report

TPP plans for the next several weeks Ref. TPP e mail
“Want to keep on winning, then it is time to show up”
This week, the emphasis will be on Gorsuch.
Next week, congress will be shut down. The emphasis will be on home area events.
Next week, the emphasis will be on the 1,000 house party activities.
On March 27, there will be a “Freedom Works” series of DC events

Q & A
signed off at the start of this activity.

J.C. Burge

Tea Party Patriots Call – 1/29/17

1. DC Report

– House: HR 7, No tax payer abortion funding; Passed
– Senate: Confirmed Pompao & Haley, Tillerson & Chow, next week
– Other: Scotus nomination next week; obama executive orders being dumped

2. Obamacare & Constitution Minute:

Obamacare is unraveling;
Trumps sanctuary city executive may be overruled by states rights issues

3. Scotus Update

– TPP need the “tool kit” local TP review results
– TPP goal is 1,000 house parties
– Contact senators, street rallies, sign petitions
– yes/no Ballot emailed for individual TP support confirmation
– women’s protest march comments: It was vulgar, loud and generated much trash. Inclination is to ignore it and do not worry about it.

Comment: No mention was made about TPP vetting of POTUS candidates.

Gun Show 2/11

The Palm Beach County Tea Party actively supports the monthly fairgrounds gun show. We consider the show as a great opportunity to meet & greet many many conservative, pro protective firearms ownership locals. We have a table at each show that is staffed by Tea Party members, including some very firearms knowledgeable members. We also have information about the Tea Party’s goals and tenets. In addition, we welcome discussions and questions about current national and world events.

The next show is next weekend. It starts on Saturday; February 11th at nine A.M. There will also be a show starting at ten A.M. on Sunday.

Hope To See You There!

Joe Burge,PE

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