TPP Call – 12/10/17

1. Constitution Minute- Chris Wright

The federal government is slowly imposing sanctions on the 4th amendment that could result in loss of a basic public protection from unreasonable searches. The supreme court is preparing for a review of the feds actions.

2. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe

The two main current issues before congress are tax reform and the next budget bill resolution. The current tax reform bill is in the conference reconciliation work stage. Time is of the essence, since the congress Christmas vacation is less than two weeks away. The planed reconciliation completion date is 12/20. Two of the primary issues are elimination of the Obamacare mandates and the insurance company bail outs.

There will very likely be a temporary budget proposal to meet the pre Christmas deadline. The democrats are proposing a DACA restart add to the budget bill or they are likely to attempt to force a government shut down.

3. TPP Calls To Action; JBM

Go to the TPP web site for detail. No DACA restart & elimination of the Obamacare mandates.

TPP Call – 12/4

1. Constitution Minute – Chris Wright

The Consumer Protection Finance Board (CPFB), has deviated from the explicit U.S. Constitution separation of powers( executive, legislative, judicial) requirement. The U.S. Congress has delegated a portion of their normal powers to the board. The TPP are working to correct this

2. D.C. Report- Bill Pascoe

The house returns from vacation this week, with one of their major goals; to pass a new national funding bill. The senate passed a tax reform bill by a 51/49 margin. The house & senate bills now go to the conference resolution process. The goal is to have a resolved senate/house bill on the president’s desk before the end of the year. The senate bill removes the o’care individual mandate requirement, but the house bill does not. A federal judge has ruled that the president can legally appoint the CPFB board manager. This is a major presidential political victory. General Flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in his testimony during the Mueller “Paper Chase” investigation. But this appears to have no legal connection/impact to the Mueller investigation stated intent. Two gun control law changes are in congressional review. First is a proposed extension to the concealed carry state to state reciprocity. The second is a proposal to make weapons government permit requirements more limited. There is an active debate about the current congress member available funding for U.S. taxpayers to pay for sexual harassment charge defense.

3. JBM- TPP Activities

The current funding goal has been met. Many thanks to the contributors. The current concentration is on the tax bill revision proposals. Consult the TPP web site for current status. This week, letters were sent to congress on the tax bill change goals and relative to the current wave of sexual harassment charges.

4. Q & A

Signed off at this point.

TPP Call – 11/19

1. Constitution Minute: Chris Wright

State Constitutions & the federal Constitution together, provide a thorough explanation of U.S. laws.

2. D.C. Report: Bill Pascoe

The house & senate are on vacation, this week. Last week, the house passed a tax reduction /simplification bill. Importantly, the bill includes a provision to remove the obama care mandates. Congress will probably stall on passage of a new federal funding bill past the December 8 deadline. This will allow passage of a temporary bill with budget spending limit increases.

3. TPP Current Objectives

TPP Teamed with Mr. Art Laffler(former president Reagan appointee), to provide an estimate of the political/ financial impact of the current house tax bill. The TPP web site has detail lists of all of the TPP tax bill related action items. Included are house parties, tax coalition memberships, signing petitions, letters to politicians, & letters to editors.

4. Q & A

TPP Call – 11/12

1. Constitution Minute-Chris Wright

The Constitution specifies that congress must issue declarations of war. Obama violated this requirement several times by stating that what he authorized were not full scale wars. This has resulted in a need to enforce the requirement that only congress can declare war.

2. Current Congressional Tax Reduction/code simplification bill situation- Guest Speaker; ex congressman; David McIntosh

Mr. McIntosh gave a description of the current bill features. He emphasized the economic growth provisions. He cautioned for Tea Party members not to believe democratic class warfare claims.

3. D.C. Report- Bill Pascoe

A six month old Comey E mail has been found where he described Hillary Clinton’s actions as “gross negligence”. In his subsequent verbal discussions he described her Email activities in “watered down terminology” that is not open to legal actions. The IRS manager, Kosigen was fired. Before leaving; as a last “action”, he made sure that hundreds of IRS notices of financial claims were mailed to non participants of obama care insurance. President Trump cabinet confirmations are continuing to be very slow. The next congressional budget will not likely be ready before the December 8 deadline. A temporary bill will likely be issued for funding through next September. The first senate tax bill proposal was issued last Thursday.

4. Calls To Action-JBM (Ref. TPP Website & my E mail summary later this week)

Tax bill actions: 1.-House Parties, 2.- Letters to Editors, 3.- Volunteer to Tax Bill Review Group.

On site kits & Instructions.

Live during webinar, Votes on TPP work status surveys.

TPP Call – 11/5

1. Constitution Minute- Chris Wright

He highlighted that our Constitution is not compatible with socialism.

2. This week’s TPP action items relative to the current income tax system upgrades- JBM

– Schedule house parties
– Write letters to the letters
– Recruit tax reform coalition; new members

3. D.C. Report- Bill Pascoe

The house has passed a budget resolution bill. This insures that the democrats can not filibuster the final bill proposal.
Four federal judges were confirmed plus nine lower court judges. But there are still large numbers of confirmations in limbo.
Four house members have formally requested that Muller be forced to resign.
The senate vote on a new budget bill may be as early as next week.

4. TPP Current Actions- JBM

Four requests for webinar live member votes were made on the following issues:

– Should TPP include o’care individual mandate repeal in current repeal efforts? The vote was 89% yes.
– Will you sign up for membership or recruit members for the tax reform coalition? No results seen
– Will you write letters to the editors? No results seen
– Will you sign up for house parties? No results seen

JBM met with Sessions relative to IRS political targeting of conservative groups. He agreed to help where possible.

JBM was in two president Trump meetings.

JBM met with Senator Purdue to review his efforts to stop chain illegal migrations.

5. Q & A- Signed off here

TPP Call – 10/22

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright

There were mass protests & violent rioting in D.C. during President Trump’s inauguration. Lawsuits resulting from damage claims and rioter behaviors are nearly ready to go to trial. Since D.C. is 95% politically democrat, the anticipated trial results are not favorable.

2. D.C. Update; Bill Pascoe

There were lengthy debates about Iran not adhering to the obama program agreements; with possible U.S. responses.

The senate passed a budget resolution bill. This eliminates the ability for democrats to utilize filibusters to interfere with proposed tax changes.

Two additional Presidential nominees were confirmed.

The democrats are trying to restore the obama care insurance company subsidies that were cancelled by the President. Although these subsidies are not currently a legal feature of obama care, the democrats believe they can find a “back door” way to make them legal.

Relative to the sale of U.S. uranium to Russia, there is strong evidence that the FBI (Mueller was then the Director), knew that the Russians were then in the process of bribing state department officials, but this was never made public or acted on by the administration. There is also a witness to the bribing activities that has been to date, silenced by the then administration. This witness now has hired a well known lawyer who is working to allow the witness to testify unhampered.

3. TPP Actions; JBM

There currently is a focus on tax reform. The TPP website has a detailed description of current activities. These include house parties, calls to congress, flag & sign waving rallies, letters to the editors and post cards to congress.

There is a Tax Reform Coalition, that requests all local tea party reps. to individually participate in tax reform activities.

No webinar next week.

4. Q & A

Signed off at this point.

J.C. Burge

TPP Call – 10/15

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright

The left’s primary anti Constitution effort is to dispute that our basic rights come from God.

2. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe

The U.S. is developing a new strategy to confront Iran. The first step is to deny certification of the Obama agreement.

President Trump, with substantial help from Senator Rand Paul is preparing to release by executive order, “Association Health Care”. This will circumvent a substantial portion of Obamacare. The President is also considering stopping illegal health care company payouts. A number of states are preparing lawsuits in an attempt to keep the pay outs.

President Trump’s political nomination confirmations are still being seriously delayed.

3. Current TPP Actions; JBM

Tax reform: (Visit TPP web site instructions), “How To” Guides, Talking Points, Social Media, Sign Petitions,Call Congress, House Parties.

Same instructions for Obamacare & McConnell resignation

4. Q & A

McConnell has confirmed only seven court judges, which is less than one per month.

There were additional questions; but at this point, I signed off.

TPP Call -10/1/17

1. TPP Update; JBM

The administration has designated 10/02 as “Cut The Red Tape”day. The intent is to accelerate the administration’s political accomplishments. The following govt. agencies will be involved: Agriculture, Education, Labor, Small Business, Treasury, Health & Human Services, & Executive. The president will give a speech. There is a request for Tea party help by social media work, letters to prominent political people and flag/sign waving rallies.

2. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright

The left (Howard Dean & some college students) are saying that hate speech is unconstitutional. But even the ACLU is saying it is not.

3. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe

The house is working on a budget reconciliation bill. Administration appointees continue to be slowly approved. Dr. Price has resigned in response to charges that he has charged as much as one million government dollars for personal travel costs. Southern border wall funding/ building has been started. obama care bill repeal appears to be dead. The new tax organization program will be released this week.

4. TPP live real time poll:

A.- Should the TPP take a stand to remove McConnell? No response provided.
B.- Should the TPP support the president’s tax reform program? 95% voted yes.

5. TPP Update; JBM

166 court nominations are outstanding. Support to expedite. Help to end the filibuster rule. Emails will be sent out this week to request these actions. Also, please consider house parties or rallies to add support. Budweiser, Inc. has started a “hot line” to help dispute the NFL “knee protests”. The telephone number is (1-800-342-5283). I just recently attended a US government “NORAD” meeting. The subject was national disaster response activities.

6. Q & A

TPP Call – 9/17

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright

Black Lives Matter continues to be one of the leading leftest attackers on the attempted destruction of our Constitution.

2. DC Report; Bill Pascoe

* Twelve new US attorneys were confirmed

* The debt ceiling review has been officially suspended. The suspension will be removed on December 8th. The plan appears to be to reset the debt limit on the 8th with all of the interim congressional approved incremental raises.

* Senator Graham and one other senator have proposed a new obama care change bill. The bill does not repeal obama care, but includes the following:

– Shifts significant parts of bill funding from the fed to states,
– Drops the employer mandate requirement,
– Drops insurer bail outs,
– Makes the obama care formula for state to state funding more equitable.
– Proposes dropping fed funding for abortions. However it also does not repeal any obama care taxes & keeps the congressional obama care exemptions.

In a TPP poll, the bill was rejected. However, JBM is still proposing support for the bill.

* Tax reform; Stay tuned.

3. TPP calls for action:

– There are six TPP important petitions on the TPP web site that every one needs to push for signing.
– The 9/23/17 DC meeting needs as many attendees as possible.
– No senators or representatives will be attending the 9/23 event because of the impending Jewish holidays.

TPP Call – 8/13/17

1. Constitution Minute- Chris Wright

– The progressives are in a determined campaign to undermine the Constitution. We must constantly defend it from their attacks.

2. D.C. Report-Bill Pascoe

– The house & senate are on their late summer vacation until September 5th.
– The President is considering new cabinet changes that include Perry to DHS and possibly a post for democratic senator Manchin
– AG Sessions is opening an investigation into yesterday’s riot in Charlottesville.
– The house Freedom Caucus is attempting an “end run” around Paul Ryan to get a new vote on repealing o’care. They need 218 votes.
– “The Nation”, a completely leftist organization has firmly announced that there was no Trump/Russia collusion. They claim that they have proof that it was “an inside” job.
– There is talk that the president will “Dump” Bannon.
– The president is “warring” with McConnell.

3. Jennie Beth Martin

– No webinar next week.
– Two “on the spot” questions were asked of the attendees: 1. Will they attend the TPP rally in D.C on September 23? Will they stay over to the next day?
– There is a TPP website . It has a “tool kit” with the requested Tea Party actions on the open skys subsidized funding issue. There is a similar site for the o’care congressional exemptions.
– The TPP September 23rd rally will be in Lafayette park.
– The Charlottesville riot was a sadly racist happening, that the TPP strongly disapproves of.

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