Affect public policy

  • Perform “watch dog” function for all levels of government, local, state and federal
  • Focus on 2016 Presidential, Senate and House elections
  • Focus on 2016 local elective offices and taxing authorities
  • Develop voter guide information
  • Create positive publicity and strong media relations for tea party

Attract, educate, organize and activate

  • Publish newsletter on Florida and national issues
  • Provide group training
  • Create neighborhood specific groups
  • Hold candidate forums
  • Get out the vote projects
  • Encourage voter registration
  • Hold monthly chapter meetings

Work with like-minded groups

  • Support/liaison with Tea Party Patriots and other national organizations
  • Support/liaison with other tea party and similar groups in Florida
  • Create proven best practices to share with other groups
  • Promote coordination of all Florida tea party and similar groups
  • Establish/support statewide oversight and sharing