TPP Call – 2/11/18

1. Constitution Minute- Chris Wright

Talked about a liberal (Ryan Cooper) proposal to dump the Constitution. In essence, garbage ideas.

2. D.C. Report-Pascoe

– Very quickly mentioned recent house/senate activities. Net result; two year funding bill passed and President signed. (See item III).
– Two new confirmations by the senate
– DACA is not resolved; being debated
– McCabe removed from FBI

3.- TPP Update-JBM

– TPP ad released; opinion Rosenstein is less than competent and misuses political power.
– Urged use of Twitter accounts to stop amnesty and several other obama initiated programs.
– Importance of Chip Roy’s election in November to help maintain house control.
– The new budget; massive spending increases.

4. November Election, Pascoe: A detailed discussion on the probable results. His conclusion is that the Republicans will not lose their majority to the democrats. The reason: the Republicans were able to gerrymander a large number of state districts after they won control of these states in the last election.

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