TPP Call – 1/21/18

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright;

He discussed the important relation of the Constitution ( article #1, section #8), to design & trademark patents. He noted that members of congress should not consider any alterations to this proven system.

2. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe;

– Senate passed (65/34), FISA extension bill.
– Congress is looking seriously at re-instating ear marks.
– House passed a short term funding extension bill. A senate vote will be taken tomorrow.
Note; The vote has been taken; it did not pass. A government shut down occurred. A second vote within three days passed. The political consequences are not yet available.

4. The FBI has announced that; in the last six months, a large number of intra FBI communications have been “lost”.

3. TPP Update; JBM;
– Go to for a listing of recommended current actions.
– The two current key issues are the pending shut down and public release of the government memo showing the possible illegal use of a FISA warrent.
– The main stream media over played the importance of the recent women’s march.

4. Q & A;

– The likely reason for the senators Paul & Lee no vote on the latest funding bill is their blanket refusal to endorse short term funding measures.
– Senators Graham & Schumer are trying to tie amnesty to a must pass bill to avoid a negative house bill vote.

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