TPP Call – 12/4

1. Constitution Minute – Chris Wright

The Consumer Protection Finance Board (CPFB), has deviated from the explicit U.S. Constitution separation of powers( executive, legislative, judicial) requirement. The U.S. Congress has delegated a portion of their normal powers to the board. The TPP are working to correct this

2. D.C. Report- Bill Pascoe

The house returns from vacation this week, with one of their major goals; to pass a new national funding bill. The senate passed a tax reform bill by a 51/49 margin. The house & senate bills now go to the conference resolution process. The goal is to have a resolved senate/house bill on the president’s desk before the end of the year. The senate bill removes the o’care individual mandate requirement, but the house bill does not. A federal judge has ruled that the president can legally appoint the CPFB board manager. This is a major presidential political victory. General Flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in his testimony during the Mueller “Paper Chase” investigation. But this appears to have no legal connection/impact to the Mueller investigation stated intent. Two gun control law changes are in congressional review. First is a proposed extension to the concealed carry state to state reciprocity. The second is a proposal to make weapons government permit requirements more limited. There is an active debate about the current congress member available funding for U.S. taxpayers to pay for sexual harassment charge defense.

3. JBM- TPP Activities

The current funding goal has been met. Many thanks to the contributors. The current concentration is on the tax bill revision proposals. Consult the TPP web site for current status. This week, letters were sent to congress on the tax bill change goals and relative to the current wave of sexual harassment charges.

4. Q & A

Signed off at this point.

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