TPP Call – 10/22

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright

There were mass protests & violent rioting in D.C. during President Trump’s inauguration. Lawsuits resulting from damage claims and rioter behaviors are nearly ready to go to trial. Since D.C. is 95% politically democrat, the anticipated trial results are not favorable.

2. D.C. Update; Bill Pascoe

There were lengthy debates about Iran not adhering to the obama program agreements; with possible U.S. responses.

The senate passed a budget resolution bill. This eliminates the ability for democrats to utilize filibusters to interfere with proposed tax changes.

Two additional Presidential nominees were confirmed.

The democrats are trying to restore the obama care insurance company subsidies that were cancelled by the President. Although these subsidies are not currently a legal feature of obama care, the democrats believe they can find a “back door” way to make them legal.

Relative to the sale of U.S. uranium to Russia, there is strong evidence that the FBI (Mueller was then the Director), knew that the Russians were then in the process of bribing state department officials, but this was never made public or acted on by the administration. There is also a witness to the bribing activities that has been to date, silenced by the then administration. This witness now has hired a well known lawyer who is working to allow the witness to testify unhampered.

3. TPP Actions; JBM

There currently is a focus on tax reform. The TPP website has a detailed description of current activities. These include house parties, calls to congress, flag & sign waving rallies, letters to the editors and post cards to congress.

There is a Tax Reform Coalition, that requests all local tea party reps. to individually participate in tax reform activities.

No webinar next week.

4. Q & A

Signed off at this point.

J.C. Burge

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