Dan Bongino’s Thoughts on Donald Trump

On Monday at Abacoa, our speaker was Dan Bongino, former NYC police officer, secret service agent, congressional candidate and Foxnews contributor.

It was a busy day for Dan – a morning appearance on “Fox & Friends”, the “Hannity” radio show in the afternoon, and a scheduled appearance on “Tucker Carlson” at 8pm. That last engagement posed a scheduling problem for the meeting, so his presentation began about a half hour early. While most had arrived early for the 5:30pm buffet, some did not and we apologize if you missed the first part of Dan’s remarks.

The phenomenon that is Trump was the focus of the talk. While late to the “Trump Train” as a Ted Cruz supporter, Dan had initially missed what Donald Trump has that the 16 others do not – he does not need anybody – not money, not endorsements, not the GOP establishment. This provides unprecedented power and independence.

The President is also a master at trolling the left, easily making them reveal what they really believe, and they fall for it over and over.

On Immigration for example, by outrageously promising to build the wall and make Mexico pay for it, many Democrats began to outwardly show that open borders and unrestricted immigration was their platform – a position held by only a small minority of the country.

On the NFL controversy, he easily forced the league and the teams into revealing a position of opposing the flag, the anthem and the military – putting them and their handlers on the left again way out of the mainstream. He also was able to claim patriotism and love of country for himself and the GOP.

On taxes, Trump easily manipulated the Democrats into their reflexive position of wanting to raise taxes on the “rich”, not to raise revenue for government (it doesn’t) but to punish the achievers in society.

The Democrat party is no longer a mainstream party in the US, holding influence only in the blue enclaves on the coasts. At the state level, they have been wiped out pretty much everywhere else.

Dan took some questions from the audience then and discussed Antifa and like groups and their “heckler’s veto” which threatens violence at college speaking events, then asks the administrations to shut down the event because “there may be violence”.

He also made the point that whenever a Democrat calls for tax cuts to be “paid for” – you should ask them if any tax cut in history cost the government money. The answer – no, tax cuts always result in more revenue. The Bush tax cuts for example, generated $755B for the treasury over 10 years.

Check out Dan’s new book – “Protecting the President: An Inside Account of the Troubled Secret Service in an Era of Evolving Threats.”

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