TPP Call – 9/17

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright

Black Lives Matter continues to be one of the leading leftest attackers on the attempted destruction of our Constitution.

2. DC Report; Bill Pascoe

* Twelve new US attorneys were confirmed

* The debt ceiling review has been officially suspended. The suspension will be removed on December 8th. The plan appears to be to reset the debt limit on the 8th with all of the interim congressional approved incremental raises.

* Senator Graham and one other senator have proposed a new obama care change bill. The bill does not repeal obama care, but includes the following:

– Shifts significant parts of bill funding from the fed to states,
– Drops the employer mandate requirement,
– Drops insurer bail outs,
– Makes the obama care formula for state to state funding more equitable.
– Proposes dropping fed funding for abortions. However it also does not repeal any obama care taxes & keeps the congressional obama care exemptions.

In a TPP poll, the bill was rejected. However, JBM is still proposing support for the bill.

* Tax reform; Stay tuned.

3. TPP calls for action:

– There are six TPP important petitions on the TPP web site that every one needs to push for signing.
– The 9/23/17 DC meeting needs as many attendees as possible.
– No senators or representatives will be attending the 9/23 event because of the impending Jewish holidays.

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