TPP Call – 8/13/17

1. Constitution Minute- Chris Wright

– The progressives are in a determined campaign to undermine the Constitution. We must constantly defend it from their attacks.

2. D.C. Report-Bill Pascoe

– The house & senate are on their late summer vacation until September 5th.
– The President is considering new cabinet changes that include Perry to DHS and possibly a post for democratic senator Manchin
– AG Sessions is opening an investigation into yesterday’s riot in Charlottesville.
– The house Freedom Caucus is attempting an “end run” around Paul Ryan to get a new vote on repealing o’care. They need 218 votes.
– “The Nation”, a completely leftist organization has firmly announced that there was no Trump/Russia collusion. They claim that they have proof that it was “an inside” job.
– There is talk that the president will “Dump” Bannon.
– The president is “warring” with McConnell.

3. Jennie Beth Martin

– No webinar next week.
– Two “on the spot” questions were asked of the attendees: 1. Will they attend the TPP rally in D.C on September 23? Will they stay over to the next day?
– There is a TPP website . It has a “tool kit” with the requested Tea Party actions on the open skys subsidized funding issue. There is a similar site for the o’care congressional exemptions.
– The TPP September 23rd rally will be in Lafayette park.
– The Charlottesville riot was a sadly racist happening, that the TPP strongly disapproves of.

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