Convention of States Discussed at Wellington on 9/6

Please join us on Wednesday, September 6
at the Wellington Community Center for

Ed Bender

Ed Bender is a Regional Captain for Convention of States Action, responsible for 12 districts in the Greater Palm Beach County area. He will offer a presentation regarding the Convention of States project and update our current progress and success so far.

In light of recent events in Washington, D.C., it has become clear that our federal government either cannot, or will not act according to the will of their constituents to fix the major problems we face. The Founders foresaw this day and provided a solution as big as the problem, the Convention of States, to restore the balance of power to our republic.

Questions and answers will follow the presentation.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 6:30PM
Wellington Community Center
12150 Forest Hill Boulevard
(561) 753-2484


Please RSVP below; no meal is served with this meeting.


One Response to “Convention of States Discussed at Wellington on 9/6”
  1. Wayne C. Perelman says:

    We need to get all household appliances, electronic devices (cell phones, computer devices etc.), steel, plastics, cement, rope, and everything else we use in our lives MADE IN THE LOWER 48 STATES OF THE U.S. NOT IN CHINA OR ANYWHERE ELSE!

    We also need to effectively shut down Antifas, The Resistance and other such groups that stiffle free speech and actions!

    We also have to stop leftist mayors from establishing Sanctuary Cities!

    We should do what we can to STOP the dismantling of Confederate and other monuments that are offensive to lefties!

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