TPP Call – 7/30/17

1. Constitution Minute; Chris Wright: The left is now in a daily indirect attack on our Constitution.

2. D.C. Report; Bill Pascoe:

– The house is in recess until September 5th.
– All vote attempts to repeal or limit o’care failed. Senator McCain made a deliberate grand stand vote to defeat the final bill proposal. The repeal efforts are not yet final, future repeal bill votes can be attempted.

– The president is considering repealing congress’ ( including staff personnel) o’care exemptions.

3.TPP Call To Action; J.B.M.

– Next Monday & Tuesday, please make o”care repeal calls to Senators, their staffs, & the president.
– The TPP web site has a call list and call talking points.
– Last week, very large quantities of petitions/letters were delivered to Senators office by local Tea Partys.
– TPP endorsed Mo Brooks for a Virginia Senate seat.
– TPP are looking for business people with personal excessive tax experience.

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