Tea Party Patriots Call 7/16/17

1.- Randall O’Toole of the Cato Institue spoke on: “U.S. Land Use & Transportation Policy” or “Smart Growth” or” Urban Growth & Transportation”.

Stated intent: To restrict auto travel by moving into dense city housing and increasing rail travel. (Sounds like communism to me). This policy was started during the last Bush presidency. O’Toole stated that he has founded “The American Dream Institution”. His intent is to attempt to cease U.S. funding of “Smart Growth”. There is an ADI meeting in Arlington, Va. next month. Smart Growth is now controlled by Dr. Ben Carson”s federal department. Mr. O’Toole noted that Smart Growth funding by the U.S. is out of control. His example, a recent U.S. $75 million grant to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. for a two mile long street car line. His second example is the state of California. It is currently the most expensive state to live in in the U.S. Largely because 95% of the people live on 5% of the land in California. Mr. O’Toole noted that Smart Growth is being pushed by transit groups, greens, & U.S. urban planners. Mr. O’Toole’s email address is: ROT@americandreaminstitute.com.

2.- Chris Wright’s constitution Minute: U.S. enemies are trying to undercut the U.S. Constitution by pushing a “Living Breathing Constitution”. Essentially their warped ideas.

3.- Bill Pascoe: D.C. report. Wray confirmation for the FBI director is moving slowly along. The Senate is adding “Veterans Choice” to the new budget bill to gain leverage. Senator Cruz’s, option amendment to the current senate o’care replacement bill has been severely diluted. The vote on this bill has been delayed by Senator McCain’s surgery. The Trump Jr. meeting with the Russian shows contemplated collusion but no follow through and no laws broken.

4.- At this point, I lost connection with the webinar.

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