TPP Leader Jennie Beth Martin Visits with PBCTP

In South Florida to speak at the Martin County Lincoln Day Dinner, Tea Party Patriots leader Jennie Beth Martin spent a couple of hours with a contingent from the Palm Beach County Tea Party on Saturday.

Meeting in the lobby of a resort hotel in Stuart, the discussion was wide-ranging. Fresh from a visit to the Oval Office to discuss Obamacare repeal with President Trump and other national grassroots leaders from Heritage, Heritage Action, FreedomWorks and others, she described that meeting and the current state of the repeal effort.

While not everyone agrees that the defeat of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) bill was a “victory”, the opposition from the Freedom Caucus, supported by TPP and the other groups was principled and predicated on the limited effect the bill would have had on premium costs. Much of the TPP membership that was polled did oppose the bill.

Though repeal and replace is now showing some signs of new life from the administration and Congressional groups, the immediate reaction following the bill’s withdrawal was that Obamacare would remain the “law of the land” for the forseeable future as Congressional Republicans are not unified enough to move forward. Jenny Beth was more optimistic, and did not agree that the issue was dead. There are things proceeding as we speak, she said, including some of the so-called “phase 2” items that HHS Secretary Price can enact on his own, and Congressional work will continue after the Easter recess.

Also discussed were the state of the national tea party movement, and ways that we could be more effective locally in turning out people to work on specific projects. Besides being very knowledgeable and open about the nature of the movement and how it must change now that our side has the tools to actually govern, she is a very good listener. She heard comments on combating voter fraud, influencing legislators, dealing with local issues like the proliferation of “Welcoming Cities” and other topics, offering advice and suggestions along with anecdotes from other areas of the country.

A national leader since the inception of the Tea Party in 2009, Jennie Beth was a speaker at the first March on Washington in September of that year that drew over 1 Million people to the capital.

Under the leadership of Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots has grown to be the largest and most effective national umbrella group within the Tea Party movement. Jenny Beth Martin and Tea Party Patriots now use their network to reach millions of Americans every week with education and updates about fiscal responsibility, free market principles, and constitutionally limited government. Because of her continual involvement in the major events that set the course of the United States government, Jenny Beth Martin is a frequent guest on almost every major television, radio, print, and online news outlet in America. In 2010 Time Magazine listed Jenny Beth Martin as one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders in the World. Her first book, “Tea Party Patriots: The Second American Revolution”, was published in 2012.

She is a lifelong Georgian and has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia. Jenny Beth is the mother of boy-girl twins.

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