Tea Party Patriots Call – 3/5/17

1. This weeks calls to action;
– March 15 is a key date with “Freedom Works” rallies in DC
– Emphasis on Obamacare repeal by end of March
– Emphasis on replacement of temporary debt limit extension

2. Obamacare/Constitution Minute
– Obamacare satisfaction rate dropped from 72% to 20% in the last year
– Pre existing condition applicant charges being raised substantially

3. DC Report
– Trump cabinet nominations confirmed; Carson, Perry, Zinke, Ross
– New Trump illegal immigration executive order release is imminent
– Republicans are pushing for tax credits for their new health care bill

4. Calls to action
– DC marches on March 15
– Tea Party local meetings
– Calls to local congress members
– Rallies at local congressional offices
– Live polling questions/answers

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