Tea Party Patriots Call – 01/15/17

1. DC report, Bill Pascoe

– House & senate passed an obama care repeal process resolution
– House & senate have an off site retreat on Jan. 25 to 27
– Trump briefed on the Russian election supposed hacking claims document
– Sessions confirmation process is looking positive. The Tillerson confirmation process does not look as positive

2. Obamacare & Constitution Status- Chris Wright

– Obamacare is still a litany of problems
– The Constitution protection efforts are proceeding

3. TPP call to action for cabinet & supreme court nominees- Jennie Beth Martin

– Gearing up to support the supreme court nominee
– The democrats are planning major inauguration interference efforts
– We are continuing work on petitions, local rallies, & sign waving
– House party kit explanation:
a.- Will show relevant political videos
b.- Sign waving rallies
c.- Face Book & Twitter inputs
d.- Call local senator’s office
e.- E mail petitions to local senators offices
f.- Send post cards to local senators
g.- Telephone senators
h.-Letters to editors

J.C. Burge

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